Wear Resistant Steel Plate

Dillidur 400HB wear resistant steel plate used in this digger

Dillidur 400HB wear resistant steel used in this digger

Oakley Steel is a specialist supplier of thick 400 HB and 500 HB wear resistant steel plate. We keep Dillidur 400 and Dillidur 500 abrasion resistant plates in stock with a focus on heavier plates between 50mm to 150mm

Our focus is on customers whose requirement for wear resistant steel plate is extreme and who cannot use thinner abrasion resistant plates. Typical usages for our heavy 400HB plates is for penstock construction in the hydroelectric and mining industries.

Thick plates are also used for very large earth moving and excavating machines whose capacity to move huge tonnages requires a corresponding increase in the structural strength of the steel and its thickness.

Finally customers  use the thinner wear resistant plates for the entire range of slide conveyors, chutes, silos, deflectors, screen plates, cutting edges, dump trucks and loading shovels that are required by the mining and construction industries.

400HB and 500HB Wear Resistant Steel Plate Ex-stock

  • Wear resistant plates from German mill, Dillinger Hutte
  • Wear resistant grades available
  • MTC to EN 10204 3.1 (and 3.1B to EN10204:1991 in some cases)
  • Thickness up to 150 mm
  • Widths 200 mm, 2500 mm and 3000 mm
  • Lengths 6 and 12m

It is also possible to purchase Dillidur wear resistant steel plate from Dillinger direct for larger quantities.

Wear Resistant Steel Plate Selection

This  table shows some of the key characteristics of different wear resistant steel plates that are available with the Dillidur brand. Dillidur Impact has a 400HB rating and is carried in stock

 355 LIMPACT400HB450HB500HB
Abrasion Resistant++++++++
Cold formability--++0-
Hot formability+0---
Use at high temperature+0---

Who Buys Wear Resistant Steel Plate from Us?

Our customers are typically engineering, procurement and construction companies who are undertaking large projects to deliver either mining or hydro-electric infrastructure. Typically the project owner is a western multinational or an organisation that is looking to reduce its long term operational costs by improved availability and reduced maintenance costs. Abrasion resistant plates purchased from European steel mills typically have better propeties than those rolled by Chinese or Indian mills and the additional performance in durability and reduced maintenance more than offsets the higher steel price and transport costs.

The use of Dillidur wear resistant steel is ideal for these customers as they are able to rely on Dillinger’s 325 years of experience in steel making in producing steels that can deliver performance over the long term in very tough environments. This is further supported by the experience of many of the world leading manufacturers of construction machinery, conveyor systems and processing plants who have consistently bought Dillidur and helped the 400 HB and 500HB steels become even better over time.

Thick Wear Resistant Steel Plate Ex-stock

Our focus is on stocking thicker wear resistant plates up to 150 mm. We have a good selection of wear resistant steel plate across most common stock sizes. These are held in sufficient quantities to met most common ex-stock requirements with no need for our customers to buy from multiple suppliers. We are also able to cut and profile abrasion resistant plates to meet customers exact requirements.

Quality 400HB Wear Resistant Steel Plate

Our Dillidur 400HB and 500HB wear resistant plates are optimised in the steel making process to be effective in applications where adhesion, abrasion, surface destruction and tribochemical reactions are all degrading the plate surface. This relies on far more than increasing the hardness of the plate. A 500 HB AR plate for example will not necessarily have improved wear resistant characteristics than a 400 HB plate.

This means that good steel making is critical and we focus on reducing the phosphorous and sulphur contents to very low levels to maximise the possible toughness of the material. At the same time the alloy content is kept as low as possible to maximize the weldability of the plates – whilst maintaining the harden-ability as the plate thickness increases. This is a difficult balancing act – but for the thicker plates the CEV values are excellent allowing the welding of even thick plates (Indicative CEV of 0.64 at 120 mm)

Having excellent chemical properties is not enough though to provide superior wear resistant steel plate. To do this we use 2 of the most powerful rolling stands in the world to ensure that even the c0re of very thick wear resistant plates is deformed to ensure the high quality microstructure required for a high quality steel.

Alternatives and Equivalents

Because there are no standards for wear resistant steel plate – the focus is on the plate hardness – equivalent grades aren’t appropriate. However there are a number of different terms used

  • AR steel Plate
  • Wear resistant plate
  • Abrasion resistant plate

Wear Resistant Steel Grades Available Ex-Stock

These abrasion resistant steel grades are usually available ex-stock. The thickness are for indication only but we will usually have thicker plates available in most grades
StandardGradeMinimum Thickness (mm)Maximum Thickness (mm)
DillingerDillidur 400HB8120
DillingerDillidur 500 HB8100

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