Useful Tips on How to Safely Move Heavy Equipment

Useful Tips on How to Safely Move Heavy Equipment 1If your business involves the transport of heavy cargo such as pressure vessels, columns and heavy machinery, there are two major options on how you can meet your heavy haulage needs. The first option is to purchase your own heavy transport vehicles, or you can go for the more practical second option of renting the services of a heavy transport company.

Either option can cater to your heavy haulage needs, but when it comes to transporting heavy equipment, there are a number of things that you have to consider. When your moving task is not carefully planned and carried out, this may result to financial losses which may be caused by unforeseen accidents on the road, or damages caused by improper handling and transport of cargo. But such problems can be earlier prevented if you keep the following tips in mind.
Useful Tips on How to Safely Move Heavy Equipment 2

Heavy Haulage Road Transport Tips

Transporting heavy equipment by land can be safely done by increasing your awareness about the whole moving process. Whether you are about to transport pressure vessels, columns, and other types of heavy cargo, you may find these guidelines useful for you.

benefits of renting transport equipment instead of buying them:

Plan first before anything else. Before you send out your heavy truck on the road, make a plan and analyse your heavy haulage requirements with your transport specialist. Careful planning plus advice from a transport professional lowers your risk of encountering problems during the entire transport process.

Pick the right transport vehicle. To successfully transport your heavy cargo, it would be best to select the right transport vehicle. If you would be moving long heavy loads such as columns, then your average trailer won’t do. For long heavy loads, extendable trailers would be the perfect choice because of their added functionality of being extended. Depending on what kind of heavy cargo you’ll move, noting its characteristics is very essential on choosing the most appropriate transport vehicle.

Note all pertinent data of your cargo. For the safe transportation of your load, you need to note all of its necessary information. For example, if you are to transport pressure vessels, it is important to keep a record of the type of chemical within the vessel, its weight, dimensions, and other relevant data for the proper handling of your cargo.

Properly secure your heavy load. Make sure that the cargo being loaded to your transport vehicle is secured with the right restraints to prevent things to fall off along the way. If large loads such as heavy machinery would fall off, imagine the problems it could bring – road traffic, delayed deliveries, and even physical damages.

Don’t forget to comply with the legal requirements. Ensure that your entire transportation process meets legal requirements. See to it that no laws are violated both from the city or town of origin, to its destination. To help you in this step, you can discuss it with your transport specialist, or refer to the respective governing bodies.

Ask for help and assistance from a heavy haulage company. If you think you can’t handle all the above-mentioned considerations, then it would be a wiser step to seek assistance from heavy haulage companies. From loading your cargo to preparing the required documents, a heavy haulage company would go the extra mile to provide you great transportation services with affordable shipping charges.

It is one of your responsibilities to guarantee a safe heavy equipment transport. But for a more hassle-free transport process, you could always hire the services of heavy haulage companies. Many have opted to hire instead of purchasing their own heavy transport vehicle because of its great benefits.

Useful Tips on How to Safely Move Heavy Equipment 3

Should you buy or rent a transport vehicle?

Contrary to what you may think, buying heavy equipment transport vehicle is not always a requirement. You do have the option to rent a transport vehicle. The following are some of the benefits of renting transport equipment instead of buying them:

Lower monthly expenses. Renting transport vehicles is less costly compared with buying them. Companies and business owners won’t have to include capital investments, storage costs, maintenance costs, and tracking services costs for the freight transport vehicle.

Complete transportation project more efficiently. Heavy haulage companies are the experts when it comes to heavy transport, so rest assured, your transportation project can be completed safely and efficiently.

If you are looking for a reliable heavy haulage company in Australia, then Membrey’s is your best choice. From heavy machinery to large columns and pressure vessels, they can move anything for you.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on making sure to be in legal compliance with any laws on transportation of my equipment. There are a lot of things to remember, and I certainly don’t want to forget that detail. I might end up looking into hiring a equipment transportation company instead to have “a more hassle-free transport process”. Great article! r

  2. Heavy equipment rental most certainly is a large and growing industry but transportation can be troublesome!! Thank you so much for the updates and I look forward to future insights!!

  3. This is very informative, thanks for posting it. I’m glad you put planning as the first one because I feel like it’s the most important. So many problems can be avoided just by carefully planning out the details of your haul!

  4. When you discuss transporting heavy cargo, you mentioned how you need specialized trucks and machinery to do so. Using some sort of crane to lift the cargo onto the truck or whatever vehicle you are transporting the cargo in helps you handle the cargo properly. I couldn’t imagine the accidents that would happen if you had to lift some of these things by man power alone. Let alone the expense of hiring that many people. It is good to know that so much planning goes into transporting heavy equipment.

  5. I work for a hauling company, and I am trying to have some set rules that we can use when we do our training of new hires. These tips are very good, and I think that it would be important to especially emphasize planning first before anything else. Proper planning will eliminate several problems that may arise. Thanks for sharing these tips with me!

  6. Securing your heavy load I would agree is a very important part of heavy machinery moving. Its nice that the security of moving is a legal matter, so we can be sure to maintain safety on the roads when transporting materials. You mentioned having a plan before you start moving with your heavy machinery. I think that is an excellent idea in understanding creating assumptions of what the process will be like, so that you don’t run into unexpected problems along the way. Thank you for sharing your tips on moving with heavy machinery!

  7. This is a good list of tips. Knowing what vehicle can carry the load you want to transfer is important. Never take any chances with this one. All the planning you make before the transport begins will all go to waste if the chosen vehicle isn’t really capable of transporting the load. We usually see this in small scale stuff like sacks of sand on a small truck and would eventually result in a road accident. Wasted goods and more costs to think of.

  8. Thanks for sharing good tips. I hope your blog post will help people to know the whole moving process and how they can safely move their heavy equipment.

  9. I’m not in construction, but I definitely think that this information can apply to moving or remodeling my home! We’re thinking of adding an extra room on the back so we’ve had a lot of construction going on! One thing I want to work on more is planning my days out a bit more, as things have been getting chaotic around here. I’m glad I’ve found this list!

  10. That’s a great tip about picking the right transport vehicle. You definitely want to know exactly what you need before spending money. I would make certain plans before starting. Thanks for the post.

  11. I have always been a great advocate of planning big things out and your site gives a way of thinking of everything. Though I would be one to trust a professional more than myself in hauling large equipment, It is good to know that you can avoid challenges in some ways. I am thankful for competent posts like you yours, Thank you for helping me come to decisions on what to do in our moving situation.

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