Oakley Steel focuses on supplying high quality boiler plate. Generally mills in Western Europe (Germany, France, Belgium and the UK), the USA and Japan make the best quality steel. This is because of their long steel making heritage, greater capital spending, higher degree of process automation, better quality control and a more highly educated workforce.

All these factors are important in making the steel that Oakley Steel sells. Why? Simply put in many engineering environments a failure of quality means a failure of safety. A safety failure can be catastrophic.

Using mills that are able to consistently produce high quality independently certified steel provides assurance throughout the supply chain – from mill to distributor, boiler make to fabricator, E&C contractor to rig operator to multinational – that specifications and quality standards are being met.

Our best quality plate comes from a limited number of mills in Germany, France, Belgium and the UK. Some other plate also comes from mills in Denmark, Switzerland, Poland and the Ukraine.

At this time we do not supply steel of non–European origin.

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