Mill Orders

We generally are able to satisfy orders of up to 100MT delivered to quay in 7 – 10 days – depending on the grade and dimensions required. For larger orders we can order plate directly from the mill for you.

The advantage of ordering directly from the mill is that you can order plates to the exact dimensions that you require (within the particular mails rolling tolerances) and the cost per MT will be less as there are no stockholding and handling charges incurred. The disadvantages are the tonnages involved (100MT+), the minimum tonnage requirement for each plate sized rolled (usually 5MT) and the lead time involved.

Mill Lead Times

Lead times depend very much on the mill’s order book and the grade. The more specialised your requirements the longer the likely lead time. Typically they are 10 – 16 weeks but the summer and Christmas shutdowns can have an impact on these times.

Please contact us with your order and we will be glad to assist.

Finally it is worth noting that mill orders incur a certain amount of risk as if your engineering specification is not correct and the end product is not fit for purpose the resale value is much lower than that of typical stock plate sizes.

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