Carbon steel plates and low alloy plates are packed for shipment according to ASTM A 700 clause 11.

ASTM A 700

Steel plates above 6mm thick are packed loose and no covering or specific protection is provided. Some rusting and/or discolouration may occur when plates are shipped by conventional vessel but this does not affect the material properties and is easily treated if required. Please contact us for advice.

Plates under 6mm thick are shipped in bundles to prevent deformation, but are otherwise shipped in the same manner as thicker plates.

If your specifications require them, additional packing requirements can be met. Plates can be wrapped, palletised or boxed. Please contact us with your specific requirements

Air Freight Packing

Plates shipped by air should be packed in snug fitting boxes reinforced with steel straps, however most carriers have particular requirements and we will advise you of these at time of order.

Due to the non–standard nature of air freight packing, packing charges by the carrier are subject to variation.

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