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Delivery of 3.5m steel plates to Antwerp for Shipping to Singapore 375 x 250Trucking

We offer steel delivery from our Antwerp warehouse to locations all across the UK. Delivery is charged for and is based on the number of trucks required and the plate size. Truck capacity is 25 tonnes.

We don’t offer delivery to other locations in the EU as we focus of the Asian market and a relatively small percentage of our stock go to European destinations. Your existing logistics supplier will be more cost effective that we will at this. Sorry.

In certain cases for deliveries to Central Asia we are able to offer delivery by truck – or potentially by rail.

Steel plates being loaded onboard cargo plane as airfreight 250 x 375Air Freight

Air Freight is an expensive way of shipping steel but on occasion project requirements mean that an urgent delivery is critical. Because each case is unique we will generally make an offer for the steel and estimate the air freight charges. Once the order is confirmed we will validate the freight charges and seek your approval before proceeding. Airfreight charges, like all our freight charges, are passed onto you at cost with a small contingency and administrative charge so that we can cover unplanned variances from the order.

Air Freight orders also require special packing requirements which we can meet. The details and costs will be included in our invoice.

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