Shipping Terms

We use Incoterms 2000 to apportion the responsibilities of buyer and seller with respect to the shipment of goods. Generally we offer EXW from our Antwerp Warehouse to EU and UK customers, and where the destination is not stated on our customers’ requests for quotation. Most shipments will use CFR or CPT terms depending on whether it is shipped via a container or conventional vessel. Finally steel that is air freighted is generally DDU’d to the destination airport.

The key Incoterms which we use are summarised below, however, for the avoidance of doubt, the description below is for general information purposes only and a copy of Incoterms 2000 should be consulted for the detailed descriptions.


For EXW shipments the plate is available at our Antwerp warehouse for collection. Plates are not loaded and all transportation and insurance responsibilities belong to the buyer. Thus it is referred to as EXW Antwerp.


Under CFR terms Oakley Steel will arrange and pay for shipping of the steel to a named destination, – for example CFR Surabaya or CFR Kaohsiung. All charges, transport and customs duties on arrival at the destination are the buyer’s responsibility.


Under DDU terms, for example DDU Bangkok, the good are delivered and all costs covered apart from duty, taxes and customs clearance. We only use this when air freighting steel and the DDU destination is the appropriate international airport. Most of our customers find it more cost effective to arrange their own transport to the work site than asking us to do so – often when we are 10,000km away!

There is a great deal more detail behind these brief summaries. Please ask out sales team for further explanation if you require it.

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