The following internal trade documentation is often required when exporting or importing steel. A brief summary of each is provided.


The EUR 1 is a certificate authenticated by Birmingham Chamber of Commerce for Oakley Steel which states the origin of the material and allows for our customers to obtain preferential rates during customs clearance depending on the importer’s country. It can also act as a certificate of origin in certain circumstances.

C of O

The certificate of origin is a document which states the country of origin of the steel. In the case of Oakley Steel this will be the country in which the steel was rolled rather than the UK. Oakley Steel provides formal certificates of origin issued by Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Material Test Certificates

Material Test Certificates are issued by Oakley Steel and accompany all the steel plates that we sell. They provide assurance of the quality and origin of the plates and are fully traceable back to the heat from which the plate was rolled.


Our invoice to you describes the goods that have been sold, the prices that we have agreed and the payment terms to be met. Where the payment terms are telegraphic transfer before dispatch we will issue a pro–forma invoice prior to payment and an invoice with dispatch of goods.

Packing list

The packing list describes the quantity, dimensions and grades that have been loaded.


The A.TR-1 Certificate is a document that establishes that goods are freely allowed to be sold to Turkey within the scope of Turkey’s Customs Union with the European Union.

EX 1

An EX1 is the export clearance document used by EU member states for exports to third country markets.

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