Steel Plate Delivery Services

Steel plate delivery from continent to continent can be a time consuming and complex task. At Oakley Steel we have steel in transit to ports around the globe every single day of the year. For customers buying high quality steel plate from Europe it can often make sense to ask us to arrange the shipping.

This is because our experience in managing the process and the documentation saves our customers time and money. Our knowledge and network of logistic providers mean that we are able to offer competitive prices and, often more importantly, the level of service to ensure that issues are resolved in our customers favour.

Steel Plate Delivery to SE Asia

We deliver to a wide range of locations across Asia. This is usually done by container or conventional shipping bu also by airfreight. Trucking is not practical to SE Asia! Some of the most common destinations are:


  • CIF Port Klang
  • CIF Tanjung Pelapas


  • CIF Singapore
  • CPT Changi Airport


  • CIF Jakarta
  • CIF Surabaya
  • CIF Singapore (for Batam)
  • CPT Jakarta
  • CPT Surabaya


  • CIF Bangkok
  • CIF Laem Chabang
  • CPT Bangkok


  • CIF Ho Chi Minh (for Vung Tau)
  • CIF Haiphong
  • CPT Ho Chi Minh


  • CIF Busan

Steel Plate Delivery Case Studies

Case Study 1

In one case the original documents were mislaid by the customer after payment. This meant that the customer was unable to collect the slabs and that expensive demurrage charges were being incurred. We prepared a replacement set of documents for them and using our industry contacts we were able to arrange for the plates to be released from the port enabling the customer to complete their project on time and reduce their port charges.

Case Study 2

One customer who had purchased steel plates EXW Antwerp discovered that his forwarder had not prepared any customs documentation for the shipment. In order to help the customer get the steel to his factory quickly we produced the customs documentation for him enabling the steel to be shipped to Central Asia the same day.

Case Study 3

A customer building several modules for the Kraken FPSO needed 1000 metric tonnes of steel delivered very quickly. In order to expedite shipping we cut over 300 plates to enable them to be shipped by container with many being flat racked. Delivery was achieved on time and target allowing the project to be started 3 months earlier than planned with potential revenue benefits to the field operator of up to $100 million

In the remainder of this section there is information on conventional and container shipping, typical steel plate delivery times, steel plate shipping costs, documentation, shipping terms and more. This is only a small amount of what we know so if you need to know more please contact us.

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