Thick Steel Plates for Heavy Engineering

Heavy Steel Plates in Stock

Engineering companies come to us when they need thick steel plates for critical projects. Typically they need something out of the ordinary.

This can be very thick steel plates, plates to a very high specification or tolerance or large quantities of steel delivered quickly from stock.

We have one of the largest stocks of thick steel plates in Western Europe with a total stock of 40,000 metric tonnes available. Whilst there are many steel stockholders there are relatively few who keep much heavy plate stock above 100 mm.

We aim to be able to supply most thick steel plate positions that a customer could require from stock completely from our own warehouses. This is a delicate balancing act as given the 20 metric tonne weight of most plates many plates could be ordered directly from the mill.

What we offer is the convenience of being able to win a project and immediately start work without having to extend project deadlines for 3+ months whilst the steel is rolled and delivered.

Thick steel plates have often been seen as risky due to the increased consequences of poor rolling and lamellar tearing. With our supplier’s expertise, massive rolling mills and ability to keep the sulphur and phosphorous levels are very low levels our thick steel plates can be used with confidence  and massively out perform products from other mills that merely meet the standards

Key Benefits to our Customers

  • Improved production times due to fast delivery
  • Reduced production risk due to superior steel quality
  • High availability of plates simplifies procurement and reduces cycle time

Key Features

Steel Quality

  • Normally German or French origin
  • Most from German, French or Belgian steel mills
  • Low Phosphorous and Sulphur

Thick Steel Plates

We understand that not every company or industry requires thick steel plates. Many of our customers only order a few times a year. Some customers require thick steel plates once every few years and other never at all. That’s OK. We understand that so much of companies work is project based and unpredictable. What is important is that you know that we are here with the stock of plates that you need when you need it.

And of course we do have some thinner plates too…. just in case

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