Tests for Steel Plates

All of our plates come with MTC’s to 3.1 or 3.2 and are tested at the mill automatically (Usually at Dillingen or GTS Dunkirk). These are indicative prices for when additional tests are required on stock plates (not new production). These are the available tests for steel plates:

SSC Testing is more complicated. Because the samples need to be in the solution for 720 hours this can take up to 10 weeks to carry out at the lab (offsite). It costs about €2500, payable in advance and with no refund.

HIC Testing is done automatically at the mill and is included as an attachment to the MTC for Dicrest plates. We don’t charge for HIC testing – and we don’t offer it as a standalone test. The mechanical test reporting is also a separate attachment for HIC plates

Other tests for steel plates are available as required.


As always the more that you tell us the better. For testing the key points are

  • the values that you want to achieve
  • The test conditions – temperature being the most common
  • The standard, section or paragraph to be used.

Tests for Steel Plates – Pricing 

The price will vary depending on the number of tests required, number of plates, heats and the values required but should give you a price indication for estimating.

Generally you should expect all test prices from supplier to be similar – let us know if they aren’t


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