Millau Viaduct using S355K2+N, S355N, S355NL and S460M

Millau Viaduct using S460M DI-MC Thermomechanical steel

DI-MC is a thermomechanical steel to EN10025-4 and is a brand name of Dillinger Hutte. Thermomechanically rolled steels (TMCP)  provide improved physical characteristics compared to standard carbon steels such as S355J2+N

We stock S355M, S355ML, S460M and S460ML DI-MC Thermo-mechanically rolled plates. We also have S460ML and a range of offshore TMCP plates (S355G10+M, S355G8+M and S460G2+M) as well

For customers in Europe DI-MC plate can be ordered direct from Dillinger or from stock from AncoferWaldram. The EN 10028-4 standard can be purchased from the BSI

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