Structural Steel Plate

S355J2+N structural steel plate used for Construction in Mecca

S355J2+N structural steel plate used for Construction in Mecca

Oakley Steel supplies a wide range of structural steel plate to customers across SE Asia. Our focus is on providing customers with high end steels that are not rolled or stocked locally. We have a large stock of S355 to En10025-2 in our Netherlands warehouse.

We offer structural steels to EN10025. This covers the standard non alloy structural steels (En10025-2), fine grain structural steels (En10025-3), thermomechanically rolled fine grain structural steel plate (EN10025-4) and the high yield strength structural steels (EN10025-6). We don’t supply weathering steels (En10025-5)

Structural Steel Plate Available Ex-Stock

EN10025-2 Structural Steel Plate

These are standard steel plates for construction. Far better than mild steel plates these are often called high strength steels.

EN10025-3 Structural Steel Plate

These normalised fine grained plates are used when

EN10025-4 Structural Steel Plate

EN10025-6 Structural Steel Plate

S355 Steel Plate Stock

  • German made (normally Dillinger, Thyssen or Clabecq with some exceptions)
  • with 3.2 certification to EN10204
  • tested to -40 C on a per heat basis (S355 J2+N) or -40 C on a per plate basis (S355 K2+N)
  • Thickness 6 – 300mm
  • Width 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m and 3m
  • Length 6m and 12m

Who buys Structural Steel Plate from us?

Typically our customers either require

  • Very thick plates
  • Very good plates, or
  • Large quantities ex-stock for immediate delivery

Very thick S355J2+N and S355K2+N plates

Whilst we support the lower thicknesses up to 50mm our strength is in plates above 100mm. Here we are able to offer projects, whether fabricating for an oil and gas project or a major hydro-electric dam, their complete ex-stock requirements for heavy plates.

We believe that our customers don’t want to buy their thick plates from several suppliers, with the associated problems in approving MTCs. So we stock sufficient heavy plates to meet most enquiry levels at regular size intervals all the way up to 300mm

Structural steel plate normally comes with comprehensive testing by mill and we can add additional tests easily –  Z35 through thickness testing being popular for the heavier plates.

Typically these are fast track or urgent projects where the timescale cannot wait for new delivery from the mill – often 3-4 months or more. If the plates don’t need to be profiled they can normally be shipped to many Asian ports within 30 – 40 days of order (depending on vessel availability)

If you are worried about the tonnage you require – just ask us. You  will be surprised at just how much we stock; no need for us to buy in either!

High Quality S355 J2+N Steel Plates

Other customers need high specification structural steel plate to meet their customer or project requirements. Here we supply plates across the whole thickness range from 6mm to 30mm. (If you want thinner plates or coil we can’t help)

Typically all our S355 plates are certified to S355 J2 + N (equivalent to S355 J2G3) with an EN 10204 3.1 or 3.2 MTC. Most in fact have 3.2 test certificates making acceptance for most projects easy

What makes it even easier for QA departments and clients to approve plates is that the chemical and physical characteristics are generally superior to Asian manufactured steels. The most common requirements are for exceptionally low sulphur and phosphorous content and these are easy to meet. Stringent requirements for particular yield values or CEV values can normally be met from stock.

This is partly due to the quality of the plates, and partly due to the large number of plates of each thickness that we stock – enabling customers extensive choice in the physical and chemical qualities. As a side benefit it also means that there are normally a large number of options in plate choices when it comes to dimensions and tolerances as well.

For the S355 plates we mainly stock to two levels. S355 J2+N and S355 K2 +N. The difference between these is that the standard (EN10025) requires the plates to be tested at -20 and -40 respectively. What we do is to test the J2 plates at -40 (the same as the tougher K2 standard).

The values are obviously not guaranteed at that level, unlike the K2 plates but it does mean that you generally don’t have to worry about plates failing during retesting  during production. That can be a problem if the mill test just passes the plates the first time. This is one of the ways that we help de-risk the production process

Large Ex-stock Deliveries of S355 J2 +N plates

As we deal with large engineering companies across many sectors we see the problems they face on a daily basis. One of these is the requirement for fast delivery. This can happen because the end user is fast tracking the project, demanding accelerated timescales; alternatively it can because something has gone wrong either because the design or MTO has changed or because of a large number of defects in a mill order.

This is where we can help engineering companies a lot. We have delivered up to 1000 MT of plates on an ex-stock basis to fabricators and FPSO module builders in SE Asia within a few days of receiving the PO.

It is of course stressful as a lot has to happen in a very short space of time – selecting the plates, checking the MTCs, cutting the steel, loading and delivering to the port. With more than 40 years of experience in delivering heavy plate to customers and 40,000 MT available in our warehouse somethings become possible.

With some projects generating $1 million revenue a day to the end user, being able to cut steel delivery times by 90 days to the fabricator (compared to typical mill lead times) can make a huge impact to every one in the supply chain

Structural Steel Grades Available Ex-Stock

These structural steel grades are usually kept in stock. The thickness are for indication only but we will usually have thicker plates available in most grades
StandardGradeMinimum Thickness (mm)Maximum Thickness (mm)
EN10025 - 2S235 JR + N5200
EN10025 - 2S355 J2 + N5300
EN10025 - 2S355 K2 + N5200
EN10025 - 3S355 NL6200
EN10025 - 3S460 NL680
EN10025 - 4S355 M10100
EN10025 - 4S355 ML10100
DillingerDI-MC TMCP Plates10100
DillingerDillimax 690T6200
EN10025 - 6S690QL6200
DillingerDillimax 690 E6150
EN10025 - 6S690QL16150
DillingerDillimax 890 T6100
EN10025 - 6S890QL6100
DillingerDillimax 965 T6100
DillingerDillimax 1100640




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