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Oakley Steel - Heavy plate steel stockholder

Oakley Steel – Heavy plate steel stockholder

A steel stockholder buys steel plates from one or more steel mills and keeps them available in their warehouse for customers to buy as required. Steel stockholders are a vital link in the supply chain as they enable manufacturing and engineering companies to buy the steel plates that they require as and when needed.

This compares to steel mills who generally take up to four months to supply steel plates and often have minimum requirements for the the number of plates, the total tonnage and the tonnage per thickness. Steel mills do provide plates more cheaply than steel stockholders however the order restrictions and the time delay can often be unacceptable.

Most steel stockholders focus on a particular range of steel products. The market can be broadly divided into specialists and generalists. Generalist tend to carry larger stocks covering a variety of different types of steel products. So for example a chain of steel stockholders in the UK may well keep a variety of plates, beams and sections in their warehouse to support the local construction sector. More specialised steel stockholder can focus on plates – even certain types of plates, pipes, sections beams etc.

In Oakley Steel’s case we focus on heavy plate. So the vast majority of the plate that we stock in our warehouse is a lot thicker than other steel stockholders. And each steel stockholder has its own strengths. Some, for example, focus on the boiler plate market and so have a good combination of pressure vessel steel plates, stainless steel plates and clad plates. Others focus on the offshore market and have steel plates for offshore use that are multiply certified by different classification societies.

For most steel stockholders the key requirements are having the overall tonnage of steel plate available in the warehouse to satisfy customers and sufficient tonnage in particular thicknesses. So there is a significant amount of purchasing skill required to understand what the market requirements are and to ensure that a high percentage of enquiries can be quoted from stock.

Oakley Steel Steel Stockholder

Oakley Steel focuses on very specific market segments. We supply steel plates from stock to customers in SE Asia and the Asia Pacific Regions. Our main focus is on providing customers in this area with heavy steel plate, mainly for projects in the oil and gas industry

The pmain grade of steel plate that we supply include structural, offshore, pressure vessel, wear resistant, shipbuilding and high yield steel plate

We are a leading heavy plate steel stockholder in the following countries

We also supply steel plates from stock to customers in

  • Australia
  • China
  • Japan
  • Myanmar
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan






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