When Steel Plate is Like a Baby’s Nappy!

Buying Steel is a lot like buying nappies for your baby. Seriously!

Let me explain: my wife sent me to buy some nappies for our 18 month old son, Aslan, the other day. There were an awful lot of them on display and so it was quite hard to make a choice.

I had a simple specification – they must be pull up nappies, and the size was “large.”

So I did what any good procurement exec would do – I went through the nappies working out the unit cost and then chose the cheapest – 0.73 Malaysian Ringgit per nappy.

I went home and my wife commended me on getting a good deal. All was fine until the middle of the night — ┬áthe amount of urine exceeded the nappy capacity, the bed got wet, my son got upset, and I lost a couple of hours of sleep.


Dillinger steel

On the surface all steel looks alike, but the details of the micro-structure and the chemical composition are hugely important in determining whether the steel can perform.

There are lots of reasons why Dillinger steel is the best available – the rolling puts such huge forces on the plates that the grains of steel are very fine – and this gives them amazing strength.

Like a nappy that keeps a baby dry, night after night.

And as a Dillinger customer in Brazil said “I buy Dillinger because I want to be able to sleep at night.”

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