SOHIC Resistant Plate

We don’t stock SOHIC resistant steel plate as this is of minor concern for plates as opposed to other components. Reliable testing is unavailable.

For the sake of completeness we want to mention “Stress Oriented Hydrogen Induced Cracking” (SOHIC), another hydrogen-induced cracking phenomenon which, for plate applications, is of minor importance. Unlike the types of cracking described before, in this defect type, a different pattern of cracking is found at defective sites in the component where multi-dimensional stress states occur. The cracks initiate from notches, the tips of cracks or the stress-loaded heat-affected zones of welds. A combination of through cracking perpendicular to the direction of principal stress of the most heavily loaded area and horizontal cracks at a larger distance from it are typical of this type of cracking. On an international level, work is being performed on the clarification of this failure mechanism and its influencing factors. No standardized test supplying repeatable data for use as test criteria is as yet available

Dillinger Hutte

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