EH36 Steel Shipbuilding Plate with Z35 and UT to S1 + S2

EH36 Steel plate used in MPI Adventure Offshore Construction ship for building wind turbines

EH36 Shipbuilding Steel used in MPI Adventure Offshore Construction ship for building wind turbines

We stock large quantities of thick EH36 steel shipbuilding steel plates for demanding engineering applications. The plates are all from Dillinger Hutte and so have some of the best physical and chemical qualities of EH36 steel plates available on an ex-stock basis

Variety of EH36 Steel plates available Ex-Stock

We have a wide variety of EH36 available on an ex-sock basis to satisfy many of the most common requirements of our customer.

  • Lloyds Register EH36 steel
  • Lloyds Register EH36 TM (thermomechanically rolled)
  • Lloyds Register EH36 Z35 + UT (s1+S2)
  • NV E36 steel plate
  • NV E36 TM (Thermomechanically rolled) for shipbuilding
  • NV E36 steel plate with Z35 and UT (s1 and S2)

EH36 Steel Plate Dimensions

Plate thickness available are normally available up to 150 mm (100 mm for plates from DNV) with thicknesses starting at 5 mm or 15 mm (for the Z35 tested plates).

Plate sizes are available in widths up to 3.5 metres and lengths up to 14 metres. We also do narrower plates with typical possibilities being 2 metres, 2.5 metres and 3 metres

EH36 Steel Certification

Our EH36  steel plates come with EN10204 3.2 certification. This means that the test results are verified by an independent 3rd party

EH36 Steel Plates with Z35 testing

We have a range of special EH36 plates where the plates are Z35 through tested at the mill thus guaranteeing acceptance of the through thickness qualities when they are delivered to site. They are also Ultrasonically tested to EN10160 acceptance classes S1 and S2. (For S3 you’ll need to order from the mill)

Classification Societies

We stock EH36 plates certified by Lloyds Register and DNV. For ABS, RINA and other classification societies retesting of the plates is possible to meet your project requirements however restrictions by the classification societies generally mean that this will form a report that is an addendum to the original MTC.

EH36 Steel Shipbuilding Plate Stock Levels

We pride ourselves on keeping a large stock of the thicker and highest performing EH36 plates. This enables us to meet many urgent requests from our own stock and allow fast track projects to be delivered on time.

Given the volume of plates in our Dutch warehouse we are also able to deliver quantities that would normally be delivered from the mill on an ex-stock basis. Again these are all from our own 40,000 metric tonne stock and without having to trade and pass additional cost onto you

For customers in Europe EH36 plate can be ordered direct from Dillinger or from stock from AncoferWaldram.

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