Shipbuilding Steel Plate

Queen Mary 2 made of Dillinger shipbuilding steel plates

Queen Mary 2 made of Dillinger shipbuilding steel plates

Oakley Steel carries a large stock of  shipbuilding steel plate. This is normally used for shipbuilding and offshore use. We focus on supporting customers requiring thicker and higher quality plates especially when through thickness testing is important.

Generally our steel plates for shipbuilding are approved by either Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS) or Det Norske Veritas (DNV). We can also support customers who require shipbuilding plates to ABS though this comes as an additional report to the MTC.

Shipbuilding Steel Plate Ex-stock

  • EH36 and DH36 and AH36 High strength shipbuilding steels and Grade A normal strength plates available
  • Mill is Dillinger Hutte so steel produced in Germany and rolled in either Germany or France (G7 Origin).
  • MTC’s to EN10204 3.2
  • Thickness 5 – 150 mm
  • Widths – 1500, 2000, 2055, 2500 and 3000 metres
  • Lengths: 6m, 12m and 14m

Our main focus is high performance EH36 and DH36 plates with the thickest plates being to Lloyds Register. Typically for most customers we are able to supply a significant number of 100mm plus plates from our stock and this can be collected almost immediately (subject to PO approval and plate movements inside the warehouse)

Shipbuilding Steel Plate Ex-Mill

For larger quantities Dillinger Hutte is approved by all the major classification societies, including ABS, Bureau Veritas, DNV, Germanischer Lloyds, Lloyds Register, RINA and the Russian Register of Shipping, to produce shipbuilding steel plate.These grades include the standard A, B, D and E  steels for shipbuilding but also a full range of higher strength plates as high as E40, EH40 and F40. These are often highly cost effective because the large plate widths, up to 5.2m that Dillinger can roll save significant welding and production costs. Dillinger is able to produce some of the thickest shipbuilding steel plates in the world

Who buys Shipbuilding Steel Plate from Us?

Our customers are mainly heavy engineering companies serving the oil and gas and offshore sectors in SE Asia. They normally require thick plates of high quality. There are often very rigorous requirements around both minimum yield strength and the chemical composition.

We are popular with both local stockholders and engineering companies both because we have high quality AH36, DH36 and EH36 plates in stock, and because the selection of plates that we have available allows engineers to select plates that meet their requirements rather than having to seek derrogations or non-compliances.

Thick steel plates for Shipbuilding

Like most of our steel stockholding our shipbuilding plates are generally thick and heavy. Whilst we do have extensive stocks of 6mm – 40mm plates we are unique in our so much of our stock is above 50mm thick, and especially how much is above 100 mm thick.

Many stockholders don’t carry heavy plates, forcing customers to buy from the mill and accept longer lead times. We stock thick plates for several reasons. The key one is that we have confidence in the technical quality of the steel plate.

Dillinger is the oldest heavy plate mill in the world and has a huge amount of experience in producing thick plates where the yield strength is maintained to  much large extent as the plate gets thicker, whilst also avoiding the issues with poor micro-structure and tearing and laminations that can impact other steel producers and rollers.

This is of critical importance to many shipbuilders. Imagine discovering that one of your key base plates has a lamellar tear in it – and you need to remove more than 1000 MT from your new build structure in order to access and replace the plate. The quality of Dillinger plate reduces that risk.

Quality Steel Plates for Shipbuilding 

You can always buy cheaper steel. Apparently you can even buy steel plates with a fake MTC. If that is what you need then that’s a different market to the one we support.

Whether you need 10 mm or 100 mm thick steel plate there are some key questions that you have to answer. Does the steel meet the specification? Does the steel deliver enough margin for my design. The steels that we stock for shipbuilding are all designed to achieve the specification that they can often be used at a higher grade. For example our DH36 plates are normally tested to -40 on a per heat basis. That means that whilst they don’t have the guaranteed values that EH36 has – there are plenty of DH36 plates in stock that meet the requirements for EH36.

That level of quality means that your production process is speeded up. Procurement is easier because it is clear that the plates meet the requirements. Internal QA becomes straightforward with far fewer issues of plate quality to consume time, and final approval by the client gives them confidence. Faster, easier, simpler production of the design.

And of course with better quality the defect and rejection rate is reduced.

High Availability of Shipbuilding Steel Plates

As one of the largest heavy plate stockists in Europe we have more than 40,000MT of steel plates in stock. A significant proportion of this is certified for use as shipbuilding steel plate by the classification societies.

Most of our steel plates for shipbuilding are certified by Lloyds Register of Shipping, but a  number are also classified by DNV. For customers who require thick shipbuilding steel plate from ABS, whilst we don’t have any mill certified plates to ABS we are able, in conjunction with the ABS surveyor to issue a report that states that the specific plate is approved by ABS

For most standard stock thicknesses up to 150 mm we are able to offer a range of shipbuilding steel plate. This enables us to regularly fulfill all the requirements of RFQ’s for up to 200 MT on an ex-stock basis. Our high plate availability means that we can increase this further depending on the exact requirements.

Shipbuilding Steel Grades Available Ex-Stock

These shipbuilding steel grades are usually available ex-stock. The thickness are for indication only but we will usually have thicker plates available in most grades
StandardGradeMinimum Thickness (mm)Maximum Thickness (mm)
Lloyds RegisterGrade A5150
Lloyds RegisterAH365150
Lloyds RegisterDH365150
Lloyds RegisterEH365150

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