How to Make Seamless Steel Pipe

I’ve always wondered how to┬ámake seamless steel pipe. I did some research and here is the answer.

Firstly you take a round billet and then you heat it till it is white hot. You then put the billet into a pipe rolling machine and roll it backward and forwards to elongate it. This reduces the dimensions towards the final pipe size.

As you do this an irregular cavity appears in the centre of the billet.If you let it like this the pipe wouldn’t be very good as you wouldn’t get a smooth flow, so a special puncher is used to make the hole through the pipe smooth and continuous.

And that is how you make seamless steel pipe. Well not quite – there are a number of additional rolling processes to ensure the quality of the final product – but that is how you put a hole in a pipe.

Here’s a video that shows the process. You don’t need the sound on as there is only background music and you can skip the titles by going straight to 1:01 minutes.

We do NOT sell pipe but we do sell carbon steel plate with a focus on thick and heavy plates. Do send me enquiries for those (not for pipe) and have an excellent day.

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