SSC Resistant Steel Plate

Dicrest 5 SSC Resistant Steel test specimens

Dicrest 5 SSC Resistant Steel test specimens

SSC Resistant Steel Plates is a pressure vessel steel plate that has been tested to be resistant to sulphide stress cracking

Generally we supply HIC resistant steel plate and do not have  SSC (Sulphide Stress Cracking) resistant plate available in stock. Plates can be tested for SSC resistance in accordance with NACE TM 0177, Test Method A, or they can be ordered direct from the mill.

Plates suitable for testing will come from our extensive stock of Dicrest HIC resistant plate

SSC Resistant Steel Plate Testing on an Ex-Stock basis

SSC testing complicated and difficult to do on an ex-stock basis. This is because of the cost of the test itself, the location of the test samples and the time taken to perform the tests.

The tests are also undertaken at the purchasers risk which will generally mean the cost of the test plate (given the location of samples the plate is generally unsalable afterwards) and the test costs.

However successful SSC testing can accelerate project delivery times significantly – by up to 3 or 4 months – depending on the mills production schedules.

When undertaking SSC testing from stock it is critical to use the best possible plates available. With our extensive range of HIC resistant plates we have a large stock of plates with excellent values and plates can be individually selected based on their values to maximise the probability of successful SSC testing and deliver compliant SSC Resistant Steel plate to the production facility

For more information about NACE MR0175 / ISO15156 Materials for Use in H2S Containing Environments in Oil and Gas Production this article gives a nice summary or you can buy ISO15156 from the BSI

For customers in Europe SSC resistant steel plates can be ordered direct from Dillinger or from stock from AncoferWaldram

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