EN10028-3 P460NL2 Pressure Vessel Plates

Flame cutting of P460NL2 pressure vessel steel plates

Flame cutting of P460NL2 pressure vessel steel plates

P460NL2 steel plates to EN10028-3 are high strength plates with improved notch toughness that allows them to be used in environments where high strength at low temperature is important. P460NL2 plates are normally used in pressure vessels and reactors in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry

We stock P460NL2 plates in thicknesses from 8 to 30mm and in standard plate sizes of 2 x 12m and 3 x 12m though other options are also available

Our P460NL2 plates are certified to EN10204 3.1 and 3.2 and comes from Dillinger Hutte, the german heavy plate mill.

Our warehouse is less than an hours drive from the Port of Antwerp meaning that we can deliver plates quickly and efficiently to meet tight vessel schedules. That can be especially important for our wide plates where irregular sailings can mean that fast delivery is critical to your production schedule

For customers in Europe P460NL2 plate can be ordered direct from Dillinger or from stock from AncoferWaldram. The EN 10028-2 standard can be purchased from the BSI

P460L2 Pressure Vessel Steel Chemical Composition

Steel GradeCSiMnMn (Min)PSAlNCrCuMoNbNiTiVNb+Ti+V
P460 NL20.
This table provides the main features of the chemical composition of different grades P460L2 boiler plate steel as required by EN10028-3:2009. It is not complete as we have not included many of the minor use cases. These may have a major impact in your application so please use this for reference purposes only and refer to your original and up to date copy of the relevant standard
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