En10023-3 P355NL2 Pressure Vessel Steel Plates

P355NL2 pressure vessel steel plate

P355NL2 pressure vessel steel plate

P355NL2 to EN10028-3 is a fine grained pressure vessel steel suitable for use at low temperatures. With its fine grained and improved notch toughness it is one of the most popular steels for used in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries.

P355NL2 is the EN10028 equivalent to ASTM A516 70, but the ASTM grade is more commonly specified in Asia.

P355NL2 – Heavy and Wide Plates

We have one of the largest stocks of high quality and thick P355NL2 available for delivery to Asian ports.

P355NL2 plates are commonly available up to 200 mm on an ex-stock basis with plates up to 300 mm available exceptionally. We focus on keeping a good volume of  plates available at each thickness level to ensure that all RFQs can be met efficiently and quickly from our own stock.

We take the same approach when it comes to plates sizes with standard widths available at 1.5m, 2m, 2055 mm, 2.5m, 3m and also at 3.5m. This enables us to help minimise wastage and optimise design to reduce welds. Because of the huge size of our P355NL2 stock we also have a large number of small pieces so it is often worth asking for a specific dimension as we may be able to save your form having to purchase a full plate.

As with our other pressure vessel grades our focus is on the heavy plates. These come from Dillinger which has an excellent reputation for providing reliable high performing heavy plates. This is principally due to Dillinger’s ability to consistently produce steel with very low levels of sulphur and phosphorous. This means far fewer defects in the microstructure which help to significantly improve the notch toughness of the steel.

P355NL2 is tested to -50oC to 27J but many of our plates comfortably exceed these values which is why Dillinger is preferred by many specifiers and fabricators. To fit with this most P355NL2 plates are to EN10204 3.2. 3.1 plates are also available but the 3.2 is preferred given the safety critical nature of many of its applications

P355NL2 Plates Available Ex-Stock

  • Thickness: 6 – 200 mm
  • Width: Up to 3 metres wide
  • Length: Up to 12 metres long
  • Certificate. EN 10204 3.1 /3.2
  • Steel Number: 1.1106


For customers in Europe P355NL2 plate can be ordered direct from Dillinger or from stock from AncoferWaldram. The EN 10028-2 standard can be purchased from the BSI

P355 NL2 Pressure Vessel Steel Chemical Composition

Steel GradeCSiMnMn (Min)PSAlNCrCuMoNbNiTiVNb+Ti+V
P355 NL20.
This table provides the main features of the chemical composition of different grades of P355NL2 boiler plate steel as required by EN10028-3:2009. It is not complete as we have not included many of the minor use cases. These may have a major impact in your application so please use this for reference purposes only and refer to your original and up to date copy of the relevant standard
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