Boiler Quality Steel

Boiler Quality Steel is used in many of the worlds industrial processes

Boiler Quality Steel is used in many of the worlds industrial processes

Boiler quality steel is a group of steels is that is used in a variety of industries for the fabrication of boilers and pressure vessels. When steel is described as boiler quality steel it is capable of being used in a variety of vessels to withstand high pressures. Pressure vessel manufacture is highly regulated as pressure vessels and boilers often contain volatile compounds and have the capacity to acts as a very large explosive device if not designed, fabricated, operated or maintained correctly.

Some of the main sources of regulation are the EU’s Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), PD5500,  the National Board and the ASME Pressure Vessel Code in the US. Additionally the classification societies such as Lloyds, DNV and TUV often certify bother the boiler quality steel plates used and the pressure vessels that are fabricated. In the EU the main source of standards for boiler quality plates is EN10028 Flat products made of steels for pressure purposes. This has seven parts and covers a wide range of boiler quality steel grades. In the US, ASTM publishes a large number of standards (often harmonised with the ASME standard) and some of the most common boiler quality steel standards are the ASME/ASTM SA/A516 and the ASME/ASTM SA/A387. EN10028 is an EU standard that harmonises a lot of the old national standards in the European Union and thus replaces many of the requirements for BS 1501 and DIN 17155 steels. Boiler quality steel can also be referred to as boiler plate or PV plate or pressure vessel steel

Uses of Boiler Quality Steel

Boiler quality steel is used in a huge range of industrial processes.  It is used in the power generation industry for heating water to generate steam and in many large buildings for supply both hot water and heating. In the food, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries it is used as part of the process to help turn the feedstock into the desired end product. In the oil and gas industry where much of our boiler quality steel plate is used it is used for pressure vessels and heat exchanger in process modules and skids and also in large downstream facilities. Without boiler quality steel plate we would not be able to make something like 90% of the products that are on every supermarkets shelves – in large part due to palm oil processing and oil and gas processing.

Boiler Quality Steel in Stock

We have one of the largest stocks of boiler quality steel in the European Union with a focus on high quality and thick plates. We don’t tend to carry the exotic boiler quality steel plates, nor stainless steel plates for boilers and pressure vessels.

ASME Boiler Quality Steel Plates

ASTM Boiler Quality Steel Plates

Fine Grain Boiler Quality Steel Plate to EN10028-3

Boiler Quality Steel Plates to EN10028-2



  • 16Mo3: 6 – 150 mm 1.5415
  • 13CrMo4-5: 6 – 60mm 1.7335
  • 10CrMo9-10: 8 – 40 mm 1.7380
  • 12CrMo9-10: 8-  40mm 1.7375
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