ASTM A516 Grade 60 Steel Plate

ASME ASTM A516 Grade 60 Steel plates used for storage vessels

ASME ASTM A516 Grade 60 Steel plates used for storage vessels

ASTM A516 Grade 60 is a boiler plate to ASTM A516/A516M. This is the ASME/ASTM standard for pressure vessel steel plate for use at low and medium temperatures; typically where improved Charpy V-notch testing is important. Simply put these plates are remain tough when holding low temperature fluids or gases under pressure.

At Oakley Steel we stock large numbers of ASTM A516 Grade 60 steel plates to ensure that we always have high availability of plates to meet customers requirements.

ASTM A516 Grade 60 Plates Ex-Stock

Our stock levels of A516 60 are one of the largest in Northern Europe (including Germany, France and the UK).  The main features of our ASME A516 grade 60 plates are

  • Large stock
  • Thickness up to 150 mm
  • Width up to 3.5 metres
  • Length up to 12 metres
  • Western European Steel mills – Thyssen, Dillinger, Clabecq
  • 3.1 or 3.1B MTC to EN10204
  • Plates are available normalised.
  • Excellent values mean they have been used in many oil and gas projects for companies like – Shell, Petronas, BP, Exxon, Pertamina etc

Uses of ASTM A516 Grade 60 Boiler Plate

A significant quantity of ASTM A516 Grade 60 boiler quality plate is used by pressure vessel manufacturers and fabricators making process equipment for the oil and gas industry. Some is also used for skid mounted pressure vessels and modules on production platforms and much is used in refineries and downstream processes.

Reasons why ASME Fabrication Companies Choose Oakley Steel for A516 Grade 60 Plates

There are four key reasons why companies with an ASME U or U2 stamp chose Oakley Steel to supply them with pressure vessel plates to A516 60.

  • Reliability – our thick A516 60 plates are from Dillinger Hutte
  • Availability – we have one of the largest stock selections
  • Thickness – We keep up to 150 mm plates in stock
  • Width – a plentiful supply of 3m plates to reduce welding costs

Reliability of ASTM A516 Grade 60 Plates

Reliability is critical when you are fabricating a large pressure vessel. If you have to import pressure vessel plate from overseas and then find a defect in it you are faced with difficult decisions. Focusing on plates from mills with a great reputation for quality – and which the end user knows well – helps reduce the production risk.

Our experience is that ASTM A516 Gr 60 plates from German steel mills are more reliable and there are fewer defects – especially when the plates get thicker. For some companies purchasing German steel is like an insurance policy, but it helps prevent things going wrong to start with.

Along with the improved reliability there are also a range of other small benefits over steels from other origins. These include better physical and chemical characteristics – so that when the plates are retested the risk of them failing a test is far lower. Plates also often come with improved toughness and weldability etc.

Availability of ASME SA516 60 Steel Plates

We believe that when our customers require ASTM A516 Grade 60 plates on an ex-stock basis they don’t want to have to buy plates from several different places. So we have one of the largest stocks of ASTM A516 Grade 60 steel plates in Northern Europe to ensure that in most cases we are able to deliver all your requirements on an ex-stock basis.

For most standard stock thicknesses we have a good range of A516 grade 60 plate dimensions available so that even if you require 20 or 30 plates we can manage the possibilities for you. One of the difficult issues in fabricating boilers and pressure vessels when the steel plates are not available locally is making the trade off between increased welding and plate width. As plates get wider delivery becomes slower because they can’t go on container vessels. We have options at 2m, 2.5m and 3m enabling you to match your production schedule to the optimum choice of A516 60 plate.

Thickness of ASTM A516 Grade 60 Boiler Plate

Whilst ASTM A516 Grade 60 plates can be difficult to find in many Asian countries the thicker plates are really rare. Above 40 mm there is essentially no local stock in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Whilst there may be a few plates, you don’t have the option of what level of certification or plate size; and worse you may b able to only find part of your requirement

So our high level of ASTM A516 Grade 60 stock plates means that you can come to us when you need the thicker plates, confident in the knowledge that we have them available in stock. We go up to 150 mm thick with solid coverage of standard stock thicknesses from 30 mm up (and below of course). For thicker plates we can roll up to 205 mm with plate widths up to 5.2 metres and up to 28 metre long (though not all at once!)

ASTM A516 Grade 60 Plates up to 3.5m Wide

Because many projects now specify ASTM A516 Grade 60 many steel stockholders have reduced their stock of A516 60. This normally means that they cut the number of wide plates that they carry – preferring a simple stock of 2m x 6m plates. We have remained committed to the wide plate requirements of our fabrication customers by stocking A516 Grade 60 plates up to 3500 mm wide.

These wide plates can save significant welding costs and thus make bids and tenders much more competitive. We also have 2.5m, 2m and 1.5m plates in stock

A516 Grade 60 Equivalent Grades

Normally the following steel grades are considered equivalent to ASTM/ASME A/SA516 Gr 60. In the US it is also known as PVQ516

  • P265GH to EN10028-3
  • BS1501 161 430 A/B
  • BS1501 151 400 A/B
  • DIN 17155 HII
  • NF A42 CP
  • NF A42 AP
  • SS1430-01
  • SS1431-01
  • SS1432-01

ASTM A516 Grade 60 with HIC Resistance

We also offer the Dicrest range of HIC resistant boiler plates from Dillinger Hutte. These plates are triple certified to ASTM A516 grade 60, 65 and 70 are some of the best HIC steel on the market for sour service application. We keep large quantities in stock  with the maximum thickness normally available being 100 mm.

Other pressure Vessel Grades

We also stock A516 70 and a wide variety of EN10028-2 and EN10028-3 steel grades

European customers can purchase  A516 Gr 60 plates from AncoferWaldram or order new rolling directly from Dillinger Hutte. You can purchase a copy of ASTM A516/A516M-10 from the BSI website

A516 60 Pressure Vessel Steel Chemical Composition

Steel GradeThicknessCSiSi (Min)MnMn (Min)PS
A516 60≥12.5 and ≤50mm0.230.450.131.30.790.0350.035
A516 60≥50 and ≤100mm0.250.450.131.30.790.0350.035
A516 60>200mm0.270.450.131.30.790.0350.035
A516 60≥100 and ≤200mm0.270.450.131.30.790.0350.035
This table provides the main features of the chemical composition of different thicknesses of A516 60 boiler plate steel as required by ASTM/ASME A516/A516M. It is not complete as we have not included many of the minor use cases. These may have a major impact in your application so please use this for reference purposes only and refer to your original and up to date copy of the relevant standard
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