Pressure Vessel Steel Plate

High Pressure Production Trap made of Dicrest Pressure Vessel Steel Plate

High Pressure Production Trap made of Dicrest Pressure Vessel Steel

Oakley Steel specializes in the supply of boiler and pressure vessel steel plate ex-stock to fabricators and ASME stamp manufacturers across SE Asia. Pressure vessel steel plate is used for many applications where the pressure inside is significantly higher than atmospheric pressure. It is treated differently to many other steels because the consequences of failure can be catastrophic – if for example a plate failed the results could be the release a cloud of toxic chemicals  or explosive vapour and a high number of fatalities.

What is Pressure Vessel Steel Plate?

Pressure vessel steel plate covers a range of steel grades that are designed for use in pressure vessel, boilers, heat exchangers and any other vessel that contains a gas or liquid at high pressures. Familiar examples include gas cylinders for cooking and for welding, oxygen cylinders for diving and many of the large metallic tanks that you see in an oil refinery or chemical plant. There is a huge range of different chemicals and liquid that that stored and processed under pressure. These range from relatively benign substances such as milk and palm oil to crude oil and natural gas and their distillates to highly lethal acids and chemicals such as methyl isocyanate. So of these processes need the gas or liquid to be very hot, whilst others contain it at very low temperatures. As a result there is a wide variety of different pressure vessel steel grades that meet the different use cases.

In general these can be divided into three groups. There is a group of carbon steel pressure vessel grades. These are standard steels and can cope with many applications where there is low corrosion and low heat. As heat and corrosion have more effect on the steel plates chromium, molybdenum and nickel are added to provide additional resistance. The plates are collectively known as Chrome Moly steel plates. Finally as the % of chromium, nickel and molybdenum increase you have highly resistant stainless steel plates that are used in critical applications and where oxide contamination needs to be avoided – such in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The manufacture of pressure vessels is tightly regulated as a result of the risks involved and as a consequence the materials that can be used in vessels is also tightly specified. The most common specifications for pressure vessel steels are the EN10028 standards – which are European in origin – and the the ASME/ASTM standards which are from the US.

Our strength is in the very high specification pressure vessel  steel plate used in the oil and gas industry and specifically in steel plate resistant to Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC) where we have one of the largest stocks worldwide.

Pressure Vessel Steel Plate Grades Available

Boiler Plates Available Ex-Stock

  • German made – often Dillinger but also some Thyssen and Clabecq
  • EN10204 3.1 or 3.2 certification
  • Thickness 6 – 200 mm
  • Width – 1.5m, 2m, 2.5 and 3m
  • Length Up to 12m

Who buys pressure vessel steel plate from us?

All of our customers have strict origin restrictions on the steel that they can buy, and in many cases on which mills can be used. Typically if the specification allows you to buy from India or China we will not be a good match for you. Instead if you are working to a specification for Saudi Aramco, Shell, Exxon, Total, Petrobras or Petronas it is likley that you will require the level of quality that our pressure vessel plates can supply to meet the project requirements

There are four areas where we are very strong.

Wide Pressure Vessel Steel Plate to A516 70 and A516 60

Many boilermakers come to us because of our large stock of wide pressure vessel plates. Held in all of our grades these 3m wide plates are ideal for large pressure vessels and reactors as they can significantly reduce the amount of welding required. This has the benefit of reducing both cost and delivery time – a double win. With no significant stocks of high quality 3m wide plates in SE Asia our warehouse, less than an hour from Antwerp Port, allows us to dispatch plates quickly to meet immediate production requirements

Thick Boiler Plates

For bigger vessels and heavy reactors we have plates going up to 200mm thickness in A516 70 and A516 60 (as well as the EN10028 equivalents). With our mills having hundredsof years of experience in heavy plate steel making customers have a great deal of confidence in the performance and weldability of these plates. That’s hugely important given the safety critical nature of many of the processes the vessels are used in.

HIC Resistant Pressure Vessel Steel Plate

That steel making experience is critical when it comes to HIC resistant pressure vessel steel plates. We have one of the largest stocks in the world HIC resistant steel. Here we focus on the most stringent requirements stocking only plates that meet acceptance class 1 (test solution A) to EN10028-2:2009. That means our HIC plates have a CLR of 5% of less. Sometimes it is a lot less – on one occasion a Singaporean fabricator asked us for 20 plates with a CLR of 0% – and we were able to meet the requirement from plates in stock!

Critically one of the advantages of our HIC plates to engineering customers and the end user is their reliability. Because we focus, with German engineering tthoroughness on exceeding the requirements of the standards production is de-risked and acceptance of the MTCs and the finished vessel is made a lot easier. In one case a Shell inspector, reportedly, couldn’t believe the quality of our HIC plate when he was doing acceptance testing. How much is that peace of mind worth to you and yours customers?

A516 60 Pressure Vessel Steel Plate ex-Stock

Our A516 60 pressure vessel steel plate is very popular in Singapore. Despite the fact that they are a lower quality than A516 70, little is stocked there and fabricators frequently need to import plates from Europe. With an extensive stock of ASME/ASTM A516 60 plates we are able to deliver most requirements directly from stock – whether you need plates for the shell or top up plates for the saddle and skirt.

Low Alloy Pressure Vessel Steel Plate

Finally, we are strong in the range of low alloy Chrome moly grades that sit between the pure carbon steel pressure vessel grades and the stainless steel plates. Typically A387 or 16Mo3 these steels have improved corrosion and temperature resistance over the standard carbon steels but without the cost of stainless steels (due to their lower nickel and chromium content).

These grades of pressure vessel steel plate are stocked as:

All are to class 2 (class  1 is now generally only available ex-mill in Europe) and come with full certification as do all our carbon steel plates.

Why customers buy Pressure Vessel Steel Plate from Oakley Steel?

For most customers the decision to buy pressure vessel plate from Oakley Steel is a combination of the four factors below

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Deliverability

The high quality pressure vessel plates, and the MTCs, meet the requirements of the toughest specifications commonly used in the oi land gas industry. (We do special orders for customers with even more extreme requirements – especially for cryogenic use)

Dillinger plates have a reputation for reliability that is built on the experience of thousands of engineering companies using Dillinger boilerplate over many decades

We have huge availability of pressure vessel plates. This is both in the number of plates in stock and the options in both thickness and plate sizes. Many customers have found that a quick discussion has reduced their wastage through optimising plate selection

Deliverability. We sell a lot of steel each year. We ship a lot of it to customers in SE Asia. We know the vessels, the schedules, the issues. This means that we can focus on cutting delivery times and reducing risks of delays.

The key benefit to you is that we help our customers deliver better products faster with less production and operational risk.

Pressure Vessel Grades Available Ex-Stock

These pressure vessel steel grades are usually kept in stock. The thickness are for indication only but we will usually have thicker plates available in most grades
StandardGradeMinimum Thickness (mm)Maximum Thickness (mm)
ASTM/ASMEA516 706150
ASTM/ASMEA516 606120
ASTM/ASMEA387 11 CL2660
ASTM/ASMEA387 12 CL2840
EN10028 - 2P265 GH6150
EN10028 - 2P265 GH6150
EN10028 - 2P355 GH6150
EN10028 - 216Mo36150
EN10028 - 3P275 NL15100
EN10028 - 3P275 NH5100
EN10028 - 3P355 NH6150
EN10028 - 3P355 NL16150
EN10028 - 3P355 NL26150
EN10028 - 3P460 NH830
EN10028 - 3P460 NL2830
ASTM/ASMEA516 60 + HIC6100
ASTM/ASMEA516 65 + HIC6100
ASTM/ASMEA516 70 + HIC6100
DillingerDicrest 56100

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