OSEA 2014 – Offshore Asia Exhibition – Oakley Steel Limited

Oakley Steel will be at OSEA 2014Oakley Steel will return to OSEA for the fourth time in December 2014. OSEA – the Offshore South East Asia Exhibition – focuses on the oil and gas industry in SE Asia.

  • Date: Tuesday 2nd – Friday 5th December 2014
  • Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
  • Time:10:30 to 18:00
  • Stand: 1G6-03 – on the Ground floor on the wall opposite the site you enter.
  • Registration: at OSEA 2014 Website

At OSEA in 2012 there were something like 18,000 visitors over four days which kept us busy. And the visitors had a lot to see with almost 1500 stands from 45 countries over 2 floors of exhibition hall. This year the exhibition space at OSEA has been expanded to 3 floors and here will be many more visitors

One of the reasons why OSEA is one of the best exhibitions is because it is a very international exhibition with companies and visitors coming from all over the world.

Dillinger Hutte Logo

OSEA 2014 – Dillinger – Oakley Steel – AncoferWaldram Joint Stand

We will be having a joint stand again with Dillinger Hutte, the German steel mill, and AncoferWaldram – the Dutch Steel stockholder that we work with. As always our focus is on the heavy steel plate that is our speciality. What does this mean for you?

Offshore construction has two key pressures. First is the quality of the material required; second is the urgency of many jobs. Whilst standard steel plate is freely and quickly available from many sources it can be difficult to source heavy plate quickly. The number of mills that can produce thick plate is small in comparison and the number that can produce it to an acceptable quality level is smaller still. The Approved Mill List of some companies reduces this even further.

Heavy steel plates are kept in stock less commonly than many thinner plates – there is less demand and they can tie up significant cash in inventory costs.

Where we specialise is being able to supply these heavy plates – anything from 50 mm all the way up to 300 mm on an ex-stock basis. Dillinger is an Approved Mill for most of the world’s oil majors and National Oil companies (NOCs) and so there is little quality risk with the plates that we keep in stock

Dillinger Heavy Plate At OSEA 2014

At OSEA 2014 we will be focusing on three aspects of our stock

  • Large selection of heavy plates in offshore, structural and shipbuilding grades
  • The quality of the steel that we sell – our standard plates can meet the most demanding specifications
  • The amount of steel that we have in stock – 40,000 MT – enabling us to supply the plate requirements for multiple modules quickly from stock

OSEA 2014 Personnel

At the stand we expect to have Denis, our Marketing Manager and Senay, our Sales Manager. There will also be a representative from Dillinger Hutte and perhaps technical staff from the mill to answer in depth questions.

Come and Visit Us at OSEA 2014

We’d be delighted if you came and visited us at OSEA 2014. Either turn up during opening hours, or send me an email to arrange for an in depth discussion of your needs.

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