S890QL High Yield Steel Plate – Dillimax 890T – EN10025-6

Dillinger Shipbuilding , offshore and high yield steel all used S890QL, EH36 and S355G10+M

Dillinger Shipbuilding , offshore and high yield steel all used S890QL, EH36 and S355G10+M

We stock Dillimax S890QL in thicknesses from 6 – 100mm. S890QL is a high strength steel to EN 10025-6 and has the steel number 1.8983. Dillimax 890T is a high strength quenched and tempered steel with a  fine grain structure. The yield strength is 890 MPa for the thinner plates, reducing as the plates get thicker.

All of our high strength steel plates are rolled by the German mill Dillinger Hutte which has over 300 years of experience in making steel.

S890QL is available in standard widths 2m, 2.5m and 3m and up to 12m in length.

The key benefits to customers of S890QL steel is that is enables a significant amount of weight to be saved in the structure which means reduced fabrication costs. The benefits of buying S890QL steel from Oakley Steel is that all of our plates are from Dillinger Hutte and this means that generally weldability is improved over standard steels that simply meet the requirements of the standard. This is because Dillinger skill at steel making reduces the CEV across all steel thicknesses.

Dillimax 890T (Dillinger’s Brand name for S890QL) also generally has better yield strength as the thickness increases making it especially popular for customers who need thick plate.

Plates all come with MTC to EN10204 3.2 and these are normally certified by either Lloyds Register or DNV.

European customers can purchase S890QL plates from AncoferWaldram or order new rolling directly from Dillinger Hutte. You can purchase a copy of EN10025-6 from BSI

S890QL High Yield Steel Plate in Stock

  • Thickness: 6 – 100 mm
  • Width: Up to 12  metres
  • Length: Up to 3 metres wide
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