Dillimax S1100QL High Strength Steel

Samuel Becket Bridget in Dublin wasn't made in Dillimax S1100 but if it had been the main harp beam could have been almost 50% thinner!

Samuel Becket Bridget in Dublin wasn’t made in Dillimax S1100QL but if it had been the main harp beam could have been almost 50% thinner!

Dillimax S1100QL is a high yield steel with a minimum strength of 1100 MPa for thicknesses less than 50mm. Oakley Steel keeps a stock of Dillimax 1100 in its Oosterhout warehouse.

Dillimax 1100 is the Dillinger brand for S1100 according to EN10025-6 and is a quenched and tempered steel. S1100QL is a fully killed steel with a fine grain structure where all the nitrogen is bound by binding agents.

We keep a good range of Dillimax S1100QL in stock considering the limited range of uses that such a high yield steel has. As a result we are the preferred supplier of engineering companies pushing limits with fixed and mobiles loads under extreme conditions.

Benefits of Dillimax S1100QL

This is because this exceptionally high strength steel can significantly reduce the dead weight of the structure and the weight of any empty equipment to be moved. This can reduce fuel and energy requirements considerably. Specifically material and fabrication costs can be reduced by almost to thirds by using S1100QL in preference to S355. Plate thickness in this case could be reduced from 65mm to a mere 21mm

Dillimax S1100QL plate is available from 6 – 40mm with an EN10204 3.2 MTC. It is equivalent to SuperElso and other high strength brands.

European customers can purchase S1100QL plates from AncoferWaldram or order new rolling directly from Dillinger Hutte. You can purchase a copy of EN10025-6 from BSI





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