High Yield Steel Plate

We have a large stock of high yield steel plates for engineering applications. The high yield plates are S690QL and S690QL1 to EN 10025-6 with additional stocks with yields at S890QL, S960QL and S1100QL.

These plates are typically used by crane manufacturers, in jackup rigs for the oil and gas industry and in a variety of structures where high yield steel is required for additional strength and/or to save weight.

High Yield Steel Plates Ex-Stock

We have one of the largest stocks of high yield plates in Europe with a particular focus on thicker plates

  • High yield DILLIMAX plates from Germany,
  • Plates to EN10025-6
    • S690 QL
    • S690 QL1
    • Dillimax 690T
    • Dillimax 690E
    • Dillimax 965T
    • Dillimax 1100
  • MTC to EN10204:2004 3.2 with approval by Lloyds Register
  • Thickness up to 250 mm (depending on specification)
  • Width – 1500 mm, 2000mm. 2500 mm and 3000 mm
  • Length – up to 12 m

Who Buys High Yield Steel Form Us?

Our customers are normally engineering companies in SE Asia who either require very high specification plates, require thick S690 plates or who need a large quantity of S690QL plates delivered quickly.

They are typically involved in the heavy engineering sector and are often contributing subsystems to EPCs in the oil and gas sector or other major projects. Often the plates are profiled by us either because of limited cutting capability for thick plates or to improve delivery speeds.

Dillimax High Yield Steel Plates

These are exceptional plates with improved weldability and excellent strength and toughness. With a 3.2 EN 10204 MTC they can be used for many more critical applications than plates certified to 3.1. The physical and chemical properties are also excellent with improved performance allowing engineers to deliver improved designs – either through pushing new limits or through saving additional weight.

Thick  S690 Plates

We normally keep up to 250 mm S690 high yield plates in stock. There are, of course, often thicker plates available, but for high availability we prefer to say that 250 mm is what you can expect to find to meet your immediate stock requirements.

We stock both S690QL  and S690 QL1 into the higher thicknesses with stock levels above 100 mm focused at 100, 110, 120, 130, 140 and 150 mm. For thicknesses between these there is then a choice of increasing to the next size level or waiting for new delivery from the mil

This large stock of high yield plates enables us to offer both a wide choice of individual plates at a particular thickness and dimension – either several plates from the same heat – or where you need very particular values. This can save considerable time talking to several stock holders, each with 1 or 2 plates, trying to meet a project requirement with plates from several mills.

Large Orders Delivered Ex-Stock

One of the reasons why we are one of Europe’s leading stockholders of S690 and high yield plates is that we have a very large stock ohigh yield plates. This means that whether you need a few small pieces or hundreds of tonnes of profiled thick S690 plates we have them available.

For us it is simply a matter of going into the warehouse and using one of our 30 MT Scheffer Cranes and loading the plates as the lorries drive through the warehouse for a delivery to the Port of Antwerp 90 minutes later.

The benefit to our customers in the engineering sector is that they can tender with confidence that the stock plates will be available. This allows them to promise  faster delivery and accelerated project timescales. That means happier customers and more orders – and a stronger supply chain for everyone in it.

So whatever your requirements are for S690 and other grades of High Yield steel contact us to see how we can help

High Yield Steel Grades Available Ex-Stock

These high yield steel plate grades are usually kept in stock. The thickness are for indication only but we will usually have thicker plates available in most grades
StandardGradeMinimum Thickness (mm)Maximum Thickness (mm)
DillingerDillimax 690T6200
EN10025 - 6S690QL6200
DillingerDillimax 690 E6150
EN10025 - 6S690QL16150
DillingerDillimax 890 T6100
EN10025 - 6S890QL6100
DillingerDillimax 965 T6100
DillingerDillimax 1100640

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