High Tensile Steel

Ample stocks of Dillimax High Tensile Steel thicker than 40mm

Ample stocks of Dillimax High Tensile Steel thicker than 40mm

We keep large stocks of high tensile steel, sometimes known as high strength steel, in a variety of grades. We focus on steel plates and specifically high tensile steel plates greater than 40 mm thick. For many customers a steel plate with a yield strength of 355 MPa or higher is considered to be high tensile steel and we have many tens of thousands of tonnes of these plates in stock. For the S355 and S460 MPa level we have plates to EN10025-2, EN10025-3, EN10025-4. you can find more details on these under the structural steel section. For steels with a higher tensile strength to EN10025-6 we carry S690QL, S690QL1, S890QL, S960QL and the ultra high tensile steel S1100QL. These steel plates are all from Dillinger Hutte, the worlds leading heavy plate mill and are certified to EN10204 3.2. We don’t stock any high tensile steel plates to ASTM standards though many of our plates will be suitable as an equivalent.

High Tensile Steel Plates Ex-Stock

Likewise whilst we don’t stock EQ70 or have ABS certify our thick plates depending on the project the quality of the steel usually addresses any concerns that the QA department or the customer may have. High Tensile steel plates are available from stock in thicknesses up to 250 mm and our focus is to provide multiple plate options at every thickness to customers. We don;t just keep a couple of token thick plates and hope to buy additional plates when required from other stockholders. We specialise in carrying a large stock of all our plates so that we can deliver large quantities of high tensile plates immediately from our own stock. There are three key reasons to buy high tensile steel plates from Oakley Steel

  1. We have the largest selection of thick plates available
  2. The quality of the plates is excellent – we don’t stock poor quality China, India, Korea or Eastern Europe high tensile steel plates
  3. We can deliver ex-mill quantities from stock

For customers in Europe you should contact our partner AncoferWaldram Steelplates directly.

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