HIC Resistant Plate Ex-Stock

HIC Resistant PlateWith the greater production of H2S containing crudes there has been increased demand for HIC resistant plates. Demand exists for both new build projects and repairs to existing infrastructure. One of the consequences of this is that there is a consistent demand for small quantities of HIC resistant plate with fast delivery times.

Generally speaking mills are optimised for long production runs and short fast track requirements can disrupt this and make steel production uneconomic. The way that this is solved is to keep HIC resistant plates in stock. The big problem with this is that there are a lot of specifications for HIC resistant plate and producing a steel that meets all of them is very difficult.

What we have done though is to look at the requirements  of Dillinger’s major customers of HIC plate (they buy more than 250,000 tonnes of HIC resistant steel plate and line pipe a year from Dillinger) and produce an HIC specification that meets the requirements of many of them with as few a compromises as possible.

The result is that we are able to offer HIC resistant steel plate from stock in thicknesses of up to 100 mm that meets the requirements of many of the worlds leading oil producers. The plates are available immediately in our Netherlands warehouse and can be shipped rapidly worldwide to the fabrication or production sites.

This means that up to 4 months can be saved in either getting new facilities into production or improving the flexibility of repair job timing. Urgent jobs can be undertaken as soon as we can deliver the plate – not at a schedule that is determined by the mill.

HIC Resistant Plate Ex-Stock

We hold triple certified ASME A516 grade 60/65/70 HIC resistant steel plates in stock to Dillinger’s Dicrest 5 specification. Dicrest 5 meets and exceeds the requirements of acceptance class 1 of  EN10028 with up to 88% of HIC resistant plates having a CLR of less than 2%

If you are interested you can read more about how HIC resistant plate is made and the specific requirements that have to be made in the steel making, casting and rolling – alternatively contact us and ask for an MTC

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