Heavy S690QL Plate Now in Stock

Dillimax Heavy S690QL Plate 250 mm thick

Dillimax Heavy S690QL Plate 250 mm thick

We’ve just taken delivery of some heavy Dillimax 690T S690QL plate. We’ve always stocked heavy plate – up to 200 mm in S690QL (and 150 in S690QL1) but we’ve recently pushed the limit a bit further and started stocking up to 250 mm!!!

Weighing in at 24 tonnes these 6 metre by 2 metre plates are ideal if you are pushing the limits of heavy engineering.

As with all our heavy steel plates these Dillimax plates are from Dillinger Hutte and so you get the ultra low sulphur and phosphorous content together with the low CEV values that make welding these plates easy in comparison to lower quality offerings.

As with all of our high yield steel plates to EN10025-6 we keep an extensive stock so that we can fulfill our promise to our customers.

Bigger plates, better plates and more plates.

With some of the thickest ex-stock plates in the world from one of the world best steel mills and with the ability to deliver very large quantities of plate on an ex-stock basis we are a key supplier to many of the worlds largest engineering companies when they need to expedite projects

The Dillinger brand is famous for reliability and with more than 300 years of steel making experience in Dillingen in Germany we know what we are talking about. As one of our managers says “Our standard plates are better than other people’s custom made plates.”

If you want even bigger and heavier plates we have to order from the mill, and then plates up to 5.2 metres wide, 28 metres long and 400 mm thick are possible – though not all at the same time. A word of caution though – when you start hitting those dimensions transportation of the plates becomes increasingly difficult and special transportation normally needs to be arranged. They are also quite heavy….

250mm Dillimax S690QL MTC sample

250mm Dillimax S690QL MTC sample

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