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Guest Post on Oakley Steel Engineering BlogThe Oakley Steel Blog is a resource for anyone involved in heavy engineering involving thick steel plates. Our goal is to produce interesting articles that appeal to engineers and supply chain members involved in the design and build of large structures – whether they are ships, refineries, oil rigs, bridges or anything else that delights the eye – from an engineers perspective of course.

We encourage guest posts as they provide our readers with a wider range of engineering experience and knowledge. They can provide insight into new methods and processes or suggest different solutions to old problems or use old solutions to new problems. As the senior design engineer at my first job told me “Don’t reinvent the wheel if you don’t need to”

Benefits of Guest Posting

As a guest poster your post will often be read by several thousand people – as we send it out via our email newsletter and post it on the blog. So its good for improving your professional reputation, helping you to look for a new job, or promoting some aspect of your companies products or services.

For companies there are additional benefits. These are principally due to the links that we provide back to your website which can send additional visitors, improve your reputation and also visibility in Google’s search rankings. That in turn means more leads and more sales.

Who can Guest Post?

For a guest post we look for

  • Solid engineering experience
  • An article that is interesting or informative to our readership of engineers
  • A post that is NOT focused on sales or marketing
  • We don’t usually accept guest posts from content marketing companies

What is the Article Like?

Typically articles are about 1000 words and include several drawings or photos. We will edit and format the article to make sure that it meets out content guidelines. If required we will also suggest alterations – mainly to help make the article clearer or ensure that it is at the right level of technical detail.

Who does the editing?

Guest Posting at Oakley SteelDenis Oakley, our Marketing Director, reviews and edits all guest posts in conjunction with the marketing team. Denis did a degree in Philosophy and then studied electrical and electronic engineering and rail systems engineering. He was a railway signalling design engineer and then consultant at Mott MacDonald. He’s passionate about helping engineering companies find ways to improve their effectiveness and competitiveness after seeing what happened to engineering in his home town of Birmingham.

We’ll help you all the way through the process – most of our guest posters haven’t written much before and can be a little bit nervous. Don’t worry it’s really quite simple. We know where the potholes are and will help you to avoid them.

How Long Does it Take to Write an Article?

For most of our guest poster’s articles take between 4 – 5 hours to write. In many cases they write up something that they are familiar with quote quickly. The remaining time is spent checking details, providing diagrams and checking for accuracy. Generally we like to get an article quite quickly because the longer it takes to write the more that life will get in the way and delay things even further.

Do you get Paid for a Guest Article?

No. Not a penny. The benefit is in the satisfaction of helping others and of creating something that is interesting and readable.

What Should I Write About?

Normally people write about 1 of 2 things. First they write about particular engineering problems that they have faced and solved in their career. This is normally set into context showing the audience why it was a problem and what the constraints were. Other articles look at more abstract notions – such as complex structures or seismic design – and use experience to provide rules and guidance that can help others.

Popular article types include

  • Failure analysis – why did a structure or system fail
  • Top Tips – a number of ways to solve a problem or class of problems
  • Advice on efficiency or improvement
  • Case studies

Can I Write an Article for My Company?

Of course you can. Writing articles for a company is slightly different to writing them as an individual. This is because we don’t accept material that is primarily marketing, advertising or a sales pitch. Accepting paid articles would compromise our editorial independence.

So anything that is written by a company, or the marketing department needs to be neutrally toned and focus on the engineering. So for example: a company that makes plate bending machines might write an article on 10 best ways to maximise the efficiency of plate bending machines in general. This shows that they are experts in the field of plate bending (as one expects) and provides immediate benefit to the readers of the blog. People who are impressed can then visit the company website and enjoy the sales process.

What is not accepted is an advertorial for the 911KK Super Plate Bending Machine with Diamond Handles that covers its 10 key features… That’s boring and not interesting. Unless perhaps there is an interesting engineering story on how it was designed and made….

Engineering Successes

And if your company has just delivered some cool kit do let us know. What we’ll need for a posting is a photo – some technical information about what you delivered and who for – and because we are a steel site – details of the steel grades used.

Copyright etc

Anything you submit as a guest post that gets accepted and published is our copyright (Oakley Steel Ltd) apart from any photos, images or diagrams, which you did not produce, which remain the copyright of their original owner. You’ll need to get permission for any photos  that we publish and let us know who owns the copyright.

How do I Guest Post?

Email [email protected]

We look forward to talking with you – send us an email today


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