Global Steel Price Index from MEPS

MEPS provides a composite global steel price index

MEPS provides a composite global steel price index

MEPS (International) Ltd has been a leading supplier of steel market information since 1979. They produce a range of monthly publications and an online price forecasting service. Steel price information is obtained through confidential discussions with a wide range of steel buyers in twenty eight countries throughout the world. From the conversations, we gain information about real deals made, the steel supply/demand balance and short term requirements of the market. After analysing the results, we determine a price range each month for seventeen different steel product forms.

It is worthy to note that the accuracy of the published figures can be highlighted by the fact that a number of major consumers of steel utilise MEPS price data as the reference for procurement. In this way, customers and mills have disposed of protracted and, sometimes, acrimonious negotiations for supplies over an extended period of time. Contracts can be drawn up knowing that prices paid by a consumer will reflect the market tendencies.

MEPS is an independent organisation and can, therefore, be trusted to provide the best information available in the market. Newsletters do not incorporate any advertising and we have no allegiance to either supplier or customer. Furthermore, there are no mixed messages from MEPS – the company has no associated news service reporting mill price proposals which are not accepted by the market.

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