DIPLAN – Dillinger’s brand name for exceptionally flat heavy plate

Ever since Dillinger launched the DIPLAN specification for very tight flatness tolerances over the entire dimensions of heavy plates two years ago, DIPLAN has been able to convince many Dillinger partners of its advantages.

The idea behind this specification is simple: it helps to optimise the production flow of components with extremely high flatness requirements and of machined parts for heavy machinery. In addition, DIPLAN guarantees flatness tolerances not only in 1 m or 2 m length but over the entire plate dimension, which can be e.g. 12 m length. DIPLAN can expressly be applied for very heavy plate with plate thickness up to 300 mm and also for high-strength DILLIMAX 690 steel.

One Dillinger partner outlines the experience he gained with DIPLAN:

“Our partners in the heavy machinery industry expect and apply extremely severe flatness requirements for the components we fabricate. Flattening of the manufactured parts is a must. With DIPLAN, we could significantly reduce the flattening efforts. The fabrication time could be halved for some parts. The production flow is reliable.”

The photo below shows the result of a flatness measurement.


Find out more on the DIPLAN specification.


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