Petrochemical Process

The petrochemical and process industries use pressure vessels in a huge variety of shapes and forms as they transform the raw inputs into finished and semi–finished products.

Oil refineries use lots of pressure vessels in the distillation and cracking process that transforms crude oil into diesel, petrol and other distillates. Palm oil refineries also use pressure vessels as the process the palm oil into constituents of various household products such as soap, toiletry products and washing powders. Pressure vessels are also used in a wide variety of chemical, agribusiness and food processing plants.

Oakley Steel supplies fine grain steel plate that is particularly suited for use in pressure vessels as it has high notch toughness and combined with appropriate design can be manufactured into pressure vessels for almost any purpose. At the present time we don’t supply stainless steel plate for boilers and pressure vessels – though this is in widespread use in applications where the product is food or beverage or pharmaceutical in nature.

The most popular grades that Oakley Steel supplies to this sector are A 516 and A387.

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