Wear Resistant Steels for the Mining Sector

Wear resistant steel is a key component in the process of extracting mineral ores in a safe and efficient manner. Wear resistant steels are known under a number of names including abrasion resistant steels and AR steel. Not being defined by any major standard the key requirement is a high brinell hardness.

The modern mining industry is typified by huge open cast mines where vast quantities of ore are extracted and then processed. Usually the ore is passed through a succession of grinding mills crushing the ore into small fragments for later processing.

Machinery that spends its life crushing rock has to be tough and very resistant to constant wear and abrasion. Most steels will quickly fall apart under the continual battering but steels with a high HB (or Brinell hardness) are better able to withstand the day to day wear on them. This extends the working life of the machinery and thus reduces its lifetime cost.

Apart from the rock processing machinery and crushers you also find 400HB and 500HB wear resistant steel used in the various pieces of mobile plant at a mine – the excavators, bulldozers and dump trucks. The parts that come into contact with lots of rock will invariably be resistant to wear in some way – and one of the ways is with a high HB steel.Oakley Steel supplies wear resistant steel at 400HB, 450HB and 500HB grades and you can find more details about abrasion  and wear resistant steels here.

Wear resistant steels are also used extensively in the hydroelectric sector where solid particles and sediment can rapidly abrade penstocks made of mild steel.

Wear resistant steel can also be used for ballistic protect and steels to 400HB and 500HB can offer protection to Stanag 4569 Levels 1 and 2 at the appropriate level of thickness on vehicles.

Brinell Hardness Testing

Brinnel hardness testing is one of the oldest hardness tests (dating from 1900) and is best for large parts and plates with larger grain sizes. It is done according to ISO 15056

Wear resistant steel hardness comparisons via Wikipedia

Wear resistant steel hardness comparisons via Wikipedia

Branded Wear Resistant Steels

There are a large number of wear resistant steels from different steel mills. Some of these are:

We sell multiple brands of wear resistant steel

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