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Thailand Steel Supplier with large stocks of heavy plate

Thailand Steel Supplier with large stocks of heavy plate

Oakley Steel is one of the leading steel suppliers in Thailand. We specialise in supplying Thai customers with heavy carbon steel plates for large and small projects. As a Thailand steel supplier have supplied many companies in the oil and gas industry with key plates for their projects

Thailand Steel Supplier – Heavy Steel Plates

We specialise in supplying heavy carbon steel plate in thicknesses from 10mm up to 300mm. Plates are normally up to 3 metres wide and 12 metres long though there are many other possibilities.

We stock steel plates for a variety of different uses including:  offshore steel plates , pressure vessel steelAR plates for mining and conveyorsstructural steel platessteel plates for shipbuilding and high yield steels for crane building.

We are the leading Thailand steel supplier for thick plates from 100mm to 300mm which are generally not available from steel stockholders in Thailand or South East Asia.

Thailand Steel Supplier – High Quality Steel

Our high quality steel plates are mainly used by suppliers to the oil and gas industry in Thailand. All of our steel plates come from German or other western European mills such as Dillinger Hutte, Thyssen or Duferco Clabecq.

This means that they perform significantly better than steel from China or Korea and are, in general, grades and thicknesses that cannot be produced by local Thai mills. Typically Korean mill will decline these thickness for key oil and gas projects

Our Thai customers buy from us because we provide them with a reliable and consistent supply of high performance steel plates that cannot be obtained from steel stockholders in Rayong and Bangkok.

Thailand Steel Supplier – 40,000 Tonnes of Steel in Stock

We are based in Malaysia, very close to Thailand and are able to be onsite,  usually, by next business day.  Our main stock is however kept in the Netherlands (in a small town called Oosterhout) and it normally takes about 30 to 40 days for steel delivery to most Thai ports.  Whilst this can seem a long time to many first time purchasers form us the truth is that when people come to us for steel plate as a Thailand steel supplier it is because Thai steel stockholders (or Singaporean steel stockholders) do not have the possibility of helping them.

So in these cases there is normally a choice of dealing with a local Thai steel supplier or thai steel trader, who will often come to us, dealing with other European stockists or working with us.

The advantage of working with Oakley Steel is that we are based in SE Asia but have full access to all the plate information from the warehouse. So we can instantly check on availability and provide test certificates for your engineers and QA department to check. This saves delay in waiting 6 – 8 hours for a response from Europe.

There is also the small advantage that you won’t have to pay the price premium that your normal steel stockholder in Thailand will charge you for forwarding your email to us!

Thailand Steel Supplier

Most of our customers are concentrated in Bangkok and Rayong Provinces. The most popular grades are steel plates for boilers and pressure vessels – especially where HIC resistance is required. We also supply

As a Thailand steel supplier the main categories of steel plate that we sell are:

Offshore Steels

Structural Steels

Shipbuilding Steels and Plates for the Marine Industry

Wear and Abrasion Resistant Steels

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Steels

High Yield or High Tensile Steels


We also sell a number of branded steels from Dillinger

DillidurDicrest and Dillimax


We don’t supply any of the following:

  • Plate or coil undr 4mm
  • Stainless steel
  • Pipes
  • Tubes
  • Flanges
  • Beams
  • Sections



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