Preheating Steel Plates for Cutting

Preheating steel plates before cutting them has a number of benefits. When you flame cut steel plates the high heat tempers and transforms the surrounding cold steel (The heat affected zone). The Flame cutting can soften this area meaning that the steel no longer has the same properties predicted by its grade and MTC. Additionally […]

The Normalising Steel

What is normalising steel? Normalising is a heat treatment of steel to change the grain size to improve the physical properties of the steel To explain normalising you have to know a little bit about iron. In steel the iron atoms can form different arrangements and these have a huge impact on the physical properties of […]

What are the Key EN Steel Standards?

There are a lot of steel standards, there are tens of thousands of steel grades. As a stockist of heavy carbon steel plates these are the 40 key EN steel standards that we tend to use most often. An EN Steel standard is a European standard or euro norm that specifies the requirements for a product […]

How Steel Stockholders Improve Production Speeds

Fast delivery of steel plates is only one route to faster production schedules.  I was talking to a customer earlier this week who has come under increasing time pressure from his customers over the past few years. Like many fabricators, he has less time to deliver in. End users want to get their projects operational […]

Steel Plates and the EU Pressure Equipment Directive

The EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) sets out requirements for fabricators of all types of pressure equipment – and the material they use. Specifically the steel plates that are used to make boilers, pressure vessels and heat exchangers. Recently a customer asked us about whether a mill’s MTC needs to have a statement on it that it complies with the […]

Steel Shipping Rates from Antwerp to Southeast Asia

Last week one of our customers mentioned that he thought the shipping charges to Port Klang were too high. First off, I’ll say that we charge you what the shipping company charges us. We don’t add anything so that we can keep the costs down. At the bottom of the article I’ll give you a […]

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