Plate Rolling Defects and How to Avoid Them

Plate rolling defects can be one of the biggest challenges to overcome when you are using a plate roll machine especially at the upper and lower limits of the capacity of the machine. There is camber built into the rolls to compensate for the deflection that occurs when the machine is working under load. All […]

ASME Section VIII: Swing Bolt Closure Pin Design

This article from our guest expert, Todd Sprentall, discusses the design for swing bolt closure pins, its basis in ASME Section VIII, and the assembly of the typical swing bolt. ASME Section VIII Division 1, Appendix II – Swing bolt closure pin design philosophy:¬†Shear only or with bending? Many fabricators around the globe employ swing […]

Types of Pressure Vessels and Design Consideration for Ensuring Safety

In this this article, guest author Mahadevan, V discusses the types of pressure vessels according to their designs. It also covers the minimum considerations needed for safe operation of the pressure vessels during the design stage and during plant operations. He also mentions the types of process vessels, heat exchangers and storage tanks. ¬†What is […]

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