MEPS Expects Global Steel Production to Decline by 1% in 2015

MEPS believe that worldwide crude steel output will be reported at 1.65 billion tonnes, this year. This equates to a decrease of 1 percent, compared with 2014’s global steel production. It is the first fall since 2009 – in the wake of the financial crash. Steel production gains in India and the European Union are […]

3 Reasons Why Customers Get Steel Plates from Oakley Steel

Why do customers order steel plates from us and keep coming back? Because at Oakley Steel, we simplify the entire steel plate process for you! As Denis has explained in the video, We have a number of strengths when it comes to steel plates. Our customers generally come to us for one of three reasons: […]

How We Store & Handle Our Steel Plates

We have two rolling mills – one at Dillingen in Germany and one at Dunkirk (Dunkerque) in France. We deliberately sited the warehouse on one of the largest canals in the Netherlands so the steel plates are delivered to us by barge. The barges carry about 2000 metric tonnes of steel plates each and we […]

Defining “Quality” and “Service” in Business

Why should a prospective client deal with you? In answering this question, many companies respond with reasons including the words ‘quality‘ and ‘service’. The problem is that these terms are easy to state; almost everyone uses them and on their own, they don’t have any real meaning. So how do we differentiate ourselves from competitors? […]

We Help Control Costs & Cut Delivery Time!

Last week, Denis was talking to a customer who has traditionally ordered on an ex-mill basis. That is each month, they place an order for 200 MT of plates. The mill then makes the steel, rolls the plates and delivers them to the client a few months later. Typically, for new rolling, you are often […]

MEPS Global Steel Price has Fallen 24% in the last 12 Months

After a slight upward adjustment in May 2015, global steel prices continued on their, now familiar, downward path in June 2015. The reduction in the MEPS Global Steel Price is the result of fallout from the collapse in the cost of iron ore as the mining companies made huge investments in new capacity. For this […]

Oakley Steel Fun Fact: All About the Hash House Harriers

People often ask why Oakley Steel is based in Malaysia. One of the reasons is that Denis is a keen runner. He has done a lot of marathons and triathlons, but one thing that makes Malaysia different is hashing, or trail running. Many people around the world do this with the Hash House Harriers, an […]

Are you ‘too busy’ for meetings, or just having bad ones?

Part 1. The ‘Daily Huddle’ Are you “too busy” for meetings? In truth, I can’t remember talking to many people who have claimed to love them! Team members often try and get out of them and senior leaders may even avoid scheduling them! Often, they are viewed as distractions from just getting on with the […]

Oil and Gas Asia 2015

Oil and Gas Asia (OGA) is a 3-day exhibition convention that brings together all the important members and companies of the oil and gas industry in Asia. OGA 2015 happened in early June, and Oakley Steel exhibited by having a stand there. We would like to sincerely thank everyone who came and visited us. We […]

Useful Tips on How to Safely Move Heavy Equipment

If your business involves the transport of heavy cargo such as pressure vessels, columns and heavy machinery, there are two major options on how you can meet your heavy haulage needs. The first option is to purchase your own heavy transport vehicles, or you can go for the more practical second option of renting the […]

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