Starting 2016 with the Right Steel Plates

A very happy new year from all of us at Oakley Steel! We hope 2016 will be a productive, prosperous year for you. Our office is now open again and ready to help you with all your steel plate needs for 2016, starting with giving you the Europe to Asia sailing schedule! Please click here […]

How to Win Supply and Demand

How many truly unique products or services can you think of? Hard, isn’t it? The fact is that we now live in an environment of oversupply. There are many suppliers for just about every product we choose to purchase. If we take a moment to think about it, it’s obvious, but if that’s the case, […]

MEPS Forecasts A Global Steel Price Recovery in 2017

In a new report on the global steel market, MEPS predicts an upturn in its World Average Carbon Steel Price in 2017. A substantial reduction is anticipated in 2015 – the fifth consecutive annual decrease. This is expected to be followed by a more modest decline in the next year. Mergers and acquisitions are predicted […]

Check Out Our New Oakley Steel Brochure!

We have another month before we shut down for Christmas/New Year 2015 and our annual stocktake, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to show you what we are really excited about – our new Oakley Steel brochure! As you can see, we cover the full range of heavy plate requirements, and with our new […]

Increase in Heavy Ship Plate & Offshore Plates Stock

Whilst the market is still subdued for commodity steels, we are now seeing small signs of movement as critical projects are starting to moving forward and everyone is adjusting their projections to cope with a low oil price. One of the hardest things to cope with as a resource producer is what the price will […]

Customer Loyalty: Problem Free VS Problem Freed

Picture this… A hotel guest visits the tennis court with her daughter. The hotel has one child’s racquet for the use of guests but it is being used on the other court. Imagine the child’s immediate sadness at the thought of no tennis with Mum. However, the guest ends up being a real fan of […]

September Stainless Steel Prices Under Negative Pressure

The global stainless steel market is very subdued, at present. Purchasing activity has not picked up following the summer holiday season in most parts of the world. Demand is weak, supply is plentiful and falling prices have made buyers more cautious. Consumption is muted in the industrialised regions. Statistical indicators suggest that economic growth is […]

Sarawak Offshore Roadshow 2015

At the beginning of the month, Senay, our Sales Director, went to Borneo for the Sarawak Offshore Roadshow 2015. It was our second expo of the year and whilst far smaller than OGA in Kuala Lumpur, our heavy steel plates were enthusiastically received. Although we didn’t take any plates with us (most exhibitions centres are […]

The Hard Thing about Soft Skills

I would imagine we’ve all heard the term ‘soft skills’ although they tend not to get much focus when it comes to improving performance. Their power however, is hugely underrated, and vital for long-term results. Exactly how we define ‘soft skills’ is up to interpretation but we’d probably consider ‘hard’ skills as those relating to […]

MEPS – No EU Steel Price Recovery Until 2016

European steel prices have continued to trend downwards over the last twelve months, with no steel price recovery expected until 2016. The MEPS – EU Average All Products Composite Price is currently 5 percent below the figure recorded in August 2014. Steel selling values now stand at a five-and-a-half-year low. Our analysis indicates that the […]

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