Global Steel Price Recovery is Now Under Threat

The MEPS world all products composite steel price soared by 13.8 percent, in May – the largest month-on-month increase, in percentage terms, for more than a decade. In May, global steel values advanced for the fifth month in a row as European and North American selling figures continued to surge, by 19.3 percent and 13 […]

EU Steel Price Recovery Continues in May – Further Rises Anticipated

According to MEPS, an absence of competitively-priced third country import offers enabled European flat product producers to target and secure significant increases, in May. They seized this window of opportunity to try to rectify their huge loss-making situation, which was not sustainable. Over the last month, supply tightness became more acute by the day. Buyers, […]

Crippling Cost of Playing ‘Not-To-Lose’

Playing not-to-lose and playing to win sound similar at first, but they are distinctly different ways of participating in anything competitive including sports, games, and of course, business! In the long term, playing not-to-lose is never a winning strategy. It can seem an attractive way to conduct operations as it involves very little risk. However, […]

Post Construction Code for Pressure Vessels

INTRODUCTION Modern metal pressure vessels are designed and constructed according to ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel code to obtain safe operation through predictable material properties, specified stress limits and fabrication quality requirements. However, once the pressure vessel is stamped to signify it conforms to the code rules, the equipment is no longer covered by ASME […]

Supply Tightness Gives EU Steel Prices Positive Momentum

European flat product prices moved up quite rapidly in early April against a background of domestic output curbs and trade defence measures. Moreover, there was a significant lack of attractively-priced imported material from Brazil, India and Iran, as well as from China. This allowed mills in Europe to push through substantial price advances. Buyers, who […]

Improvements in Steels for Oil & Gas Processing Equipment

There has been lots of improvements in the steels used for oil & gas processing equipment in the last century. In the post-World war II period, the steels used in the oil and gas industry were quite different from what we use today. This post presents a brief overview of improvements in the steels used […]

All about DICREST Ex Stock – Part 1

Known as the steel for sour-gas-resistant pressure vessels, DICREST has been specially developed for fabrication of pressure vessels for handling of sour gases. It is resistant to HIC (hydrogen-induced cracking), an advantage achieved by a very special production route. During the steelmaking process, particular attention is paid to ensure exceptional cleanness and the generation of […]

DIPLAN – Dillinger’s brand name for exceptionally flat heavy plate

Ever since Dillinger launched the DIPLAN specification for very tight flatness tolerances over the entire dimensions of heavy plates two years ago, DIPLAN has been able to convince many Dillinger partners of its advantages. The idea behind this specification is simple: it helps to optimise the production flow of components with extremely high flatness requirements […]

Are you seduced by talent?

The prompt for this note came from an email on the recent American Football match between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even if you’re not a sports fan (or not a fan of this particular sport), you can relate to what happened. With two minutes to go, the Bengals were leading by one […]

Falling Raw Material Costs Depress Stainless Steel Prices in 2015

The past year has been another difficult period for stainless steel producers, distributors and traders, in all parts of the world, according to MEPS. In December’s issue of the Stainless Steel Review, MEPS reports that consumption has failed to grow by any substantial degree and selling prices have plummeted, driven by falling raw material costs. […]

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