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P-570113-oBsoqrZVar-1 (1)I’m not a politician or an economist

I don’t sell steel to Scotland

This is why I think Scots should vote No to Independence

As a lad from Birmingham I grew up in a devastated industrial city. My family had been metal bashers of one sort or another for a 100 years or more. We had been part of the machine that drove the British Empire – much like the shipyards of Glasgows. There are lots of reasons why the factories failed, why the jobs were lost and why generations spent their lives hopelessly on the dole. It’s hard to be at the top, and Scotland was arguably far higher than Birmingham ever was.

Scottish writers and poets, Scientists and Engineers, Soldiers and administrators. It doesn’t require much imagination to see the empire as a Scottish one. And when it fell Scotland, like Birmingham, never recovered. Power shifted to London with its Banks and Stockbrokers.

More to the point engineering businesses sat on their backsides and let it happen. They took profits and didn’t reinvest. They kept inefficient working practices as the world changed. And then they got chewed up and spat out. More redbrick abandoned factories.

What’s this go to do with the Independence vote? Just this. If you get knocked down you pick yourself up. Much of the Midlands, Scotland and the North has not done that. Its not a problem of politicians. Its not a problem of businesses or local councils. It’s a problem of attitude of normal everyday people.

It’s easy to whinge and moan and cry and blame it all on someone else. Blame it on Westminster – The Unions – The Tories. But if you don’t get back up and fight – then what do you expect is going to happen.

I see two futures ahead. Once where Scotland  having blamed London for so long gets stuck in a cycle of Misery. In 10 years time the blame will be on the separation agreement. Then it will be on the Geologists; then on someone else.  Put that aside and chose another path Рone where millions of Scots, English, Welsh Рsay No. It can be better. It should be better Рand we will make it better together.

Say no to Scottish Independence and Vote for the Union

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