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Dillinger Hutte GTS is the worlds leading producer of heavy steel plate. With an annual capacity of more than 2 million tonnes a year Dillinger focuses on the heavy plate segment delivering thick steel plates to the offshore, process, oil and gas, construction and mining industries.

Dillinger Hutte is one of the oldest steel mills in the world. It recently celebrated its 325th year of operation! It has a long tradition of continuous innovation with a significant amount of research being focused on the ability to produced very reliable plates that push the boundaries of thickness, width and length that other steel mills cannot compete with.

As a result it has mad some of the largest investments into continuous casting and rolling technology of any steel mill. As of 2014 it had the largest rolling mill in the world and is able to produce plates of 400 mm thickness from a slab of 450 mm demonstrating the power and control that they are able to deliver with the massive rolling stand.

Two things set Dillinger apart from other steel mills:

First is the focus on being able to produce bigger and thicker plates than anyone else.

Second is the focus on delivering steels of exceptional quality.

The result is that

“If Dillinger can’t do it nobody can do it”

Dillinger Plates direct from the Mill

Dillinger has sales offices in a number of countries worldwide. For sales to SE Asia the following contact details should be used.

Saarstahl (S.E.A.) SDN. BHD.
Lot 807, 8th Floor,
Block A Lobby 2
Jalan SS 20127
Damansara Intan No.1

47400 Petaling Jaya Selangor, Darul Ehsan

Contact: Allison Chua
Tel.: +60 3 7728 0311
Mobile: +60 12 318 9180
Fax: +60 3 7728 0355

Oakley Steel also forwards any enquiries that require new rolling to Dillinger and vice a versa for ex-stock enquiries

Dillinger Hutte Plates Ex-Stock

Dillinger plates can be ex-stock from a number of suppliers

  • Ancofer Waldram supplies Benelux, France, Spain and much of Northern Europe
  • Ancofer Stahlhandel supplies Central and Eastern Europe
  • Dillinger Middle East supports customers in the Middle East, India and Pakistan
  • Oakley Steel supplies Dillinger plates ex-stock to SE amd East Asia as well as Australasia as the agent of Ancofer Waldram
  • The Americas and Africa are normally supported by Ancofer Waldram


Oakley Steel Relationship with Dillinger

Oakley Steel markets and sells Dillinger steel on an ex-stock basis through AncoferWaldram, a subsidiary of Dillinger Hutte.


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