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This is the logo of Ancofer Waldram steel plates, one of the largest EU steel stockholdersAncofer Waldram Steelplates is one of Europe’s leading stockholders of heavy steel plate. Based in Oosterhout in the Netherlands they can provide fast deliveries from their large stock of heavy steel plates across Northern Europe or to the major steel shipping port of Antwerp.


Stock Range

Ancofer Waldram stocks a full range of:

Stock Capacity

With more than 40,000 MT of high quality steel plate ex-stock Ancofer Waldram is well positioned to supply the most demanding requirements immediately. The stock size, with its focus on heavy steel plates, means high availability can be offered to projects that need up to 200 metric tonnes of of plate immediately but cannot afford to wait for the long lead times of new production from the mill.

Part of Dillinger Hutte

AncoferWaldram is a fully owned subsidiary of Dillinger Hutte the worlds premier heavy plate producer. Consequently the quality of the plates in stock is exceptionally high – backed by the technical reputation of Dillinger Hutte.

As a long established steel stockholder Ancofer Waldram has extensive experience in the processing and delivery of steel plates and this is backed by a complete range of quality and quality assurance certificates to provide full audit traceability for your production and end customer.

Relationship between Ancofer Waldram and Oakley Steel

Oakley Steel, as an agent, is responsible for the sales and marketing of Ancofer Waldram’s steel plates in South East Asia. With real time stock access Oakley Steel bridges the gap between East and West and supports Asian customers from the point of first enquiry to when a PO is issued to AncoferWaldram.

Once the PO is issued Oakley Steel stays involved to ensure that everything runs smoothly whilst AncoferWaldram is responsible for the dispatch, shipping and documentation. Purchase orders and all payments are made direct to AncoferWaldram


Ancofer Waldram is based in Oosterhout in the Netherlands. Steel is delivered from Dillingen by barges, that carry 2000 metric tonnes, via the Saar, Mosel and Rhine rivers.

It is very close to Antwerp Port, the largest steel port in Europe, enabling rapid dispatch of steel plates to SE Asia.

Company Profile

Quality Certificates


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