All About Oakley Steel

Oakley Steel has had a presence in SE Asia for almost 10 years with a focus on heavy plate sales. Our core strength is supplying customers who require

  • High quality carbon steel plate
  • Very thick carbon steel plate
  • Large ex-stock quantities of carbon steel plate


About us - Senay Oakley

Senay Oakley – Oakley Steel

Way back in 2007 Senay Oakley used to work for a UK steel stockholder specialising in export sales to the Far East. It was a great company but she felt that she could do better. The tipping point came when her landlord decided to sell the house that she had fallen in love with. With no home she thought –

“Why not put my dreams into action!“.

So she packed a suitcase and headed off to Asia and through hard work, built up Oakley Steel. Sometimes this meant working with a baby at her desk (twice she was back at work 3 days after delivering a baby). Sometimes it meant working 20 hours every day. All the time it meant doing her best to delight and enchant her customers: people like you.

Our market area is SE Asia – mainly Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. We also have an established customer base in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and China.

Why Oakley Steel?

Engineering companies frequently come to us because of the huge range of high end steel plates that we have in stock and our ability to deliver them quickly

They keep returning to us because

  • Our focus is on our customers- as a business and individuals – is doing better, not just selling them a steel plate
  • We’re passionate about making things work, and we put in time and effort to make sure that everything is as smooth as possible
  • We often bring delicious turkish cakes and pastries to meetings as a treat for you…

Steel Plates in Stock

The main categories of steel plate that we sell are

Offshore Steels

Structural Steels

Shipbuilding Steels and Plates for the Marine Industry

Wear and Abrasion Resistant Steels

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Steels

High Yield or High Tensile Steels

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