3 Reasons Why Customers Get Steel Plates from Oakley Steel

Why do customers order steel plates from us and keep coming back? Because at Oakley Steel, we simplify the entire steel plate process for you!

As Denis has explained in the video, We have a number of strengths when it comes to steel plates. Our customers generally come to us for one of three reasons:
1. They need very thick plates.
2. They need very high quality plates.
3. They need very large ex-stock of quantities of carbon steel plate.

Typically, this is something customers will be looking to buy from the mill but delivery speeds are important which is why customers come to us – we can deliver up to a thousand metric tonnes of high quality steel plates from stock within several days to Antwerp port.

Engineering companies frequently come to us and/or work with us again because of the huge range of high end steel plates that we have in stock and our ability to deliver them quickly to help save costs. Our storage and handling of steel plates also matter in enabling us to deliver the plates to you faster while ensuring that we store them well so you always get the best quality plates.

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